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  1. Darkseid

    Who is your favorite superhero?

    Who is your favorite superhero and why? It could be something deep about how relatable they are, how inspirational you find them, or just something basic like you love their design. How much content of the same have you consumed? Do you read their comics? Did you watch some cartoons? Is your...
  2. V

    Teaser JOKER - Final Trailer

  3. Bookworm

    News Robert Pattinson to Play ‘The Batman’ for Matt Reeves and Warner Bros.

    >>>Link to Variety Article<<< I'm honestly worn out when it comes to Batman movies. And I don't really care for movies much these days in general. But when I read this, I just sort of stopped and went, "Whaaaa?" I was actually really pleasantly surprised by this. I think Pattinson is a great...