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  1. eunoia

    Belgian Shot Putter Was the Ultimate Team Player for Running 100M Hurdles in Viral Video

    The 2023 European Championships made headlines after a Belgian shot putter bravely filled in for a teammate and took part in the 100M hurdles event. Jolien Maliga Boumkwo, a Belgian athlete who usually competes in shot put, stepped up for her country and participated in the event after two of...
  2. Belgizen

    Belgium might split soon...

    So I wanted to look at other, non-Belgian people's opinion. With this whole Marrakech-pact thing going on (our prime minister is in Marrakech, may or may not sign), Flemish separists are at it again. Wallonia wants the pact to be signed, the government wants to as well, HOWEVER, the Flemish...