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  1. MK3AM

    Game Kiss Marry Hug (2)

  2. Jewel

    Teaser TAEYANG - 'VIBE (구르는) Ft. Jimin Of BTS' Official Teaser

    @ARMY @VIP
  3. monalisalove

    What is your favorite MAMA performance?

    I'll be super biased here, but i can do nothing about it. This MAMA performance is simply iconic, changed lives, changed kpop, yes, impactful!!! And it's this one to me: The diss, the aura, the stage presence, the song, the visuals, EVERYTHING SCREAMED PERFECT here!!!! I always watch it bc...
  4. Darkseid

    News BigBang's "Bang Bang Bang" crosses 500 million views!!

    Regardless of your feelings about the group/members, it can't be denied how iconic this song is, one of the staples of Kpop :sanapray: South Korean soldiers used to blast this song across the DMZ toward the North Koreans lol. Also, it gave birth to the signature Teddy/YGE style for better or...
  5. Darkseid

    Comeback BIGBANG T.O.P- How you like that (Cover)

    After a long hiatus and scandal, T.O.P has made a surprise solo cover of Blackpink’s hit song How You Like That. Appreciate :pandacop:
  6. Darkseid

    News Coachella 2020 officially cancelled.

    2020 Coachella, originally scheduled for April was initially postponed to October tentatively, but looks like it's been scrapped completely this year, understandably so. Still, I was looking forward to BigBang perform again :umjicry: Being a VIP is hard :umjicry:
  7. Darkseid

    Performance Throwback Thursday- the golden era of YG Entertainment

    Anyone remember the YG Family days? BigBang, 2NE1, Epik High, Se7en, Gummy, Psy :umjicry: Seems like such a distant memory now lol. Anyway, this is from MBC Korean Music Festival 2012, basically a Gayo. Look at this performance- 2NE1 and Lee Hi codallabing in a way, BigBang closing it off...
  8. Darkseid

    Top Critic ranks top 100 Kpop Boy Group/Male soloists title songs of all time

    And when I say Top Critic, I mean yours truly. The Ozy Senpai. The Hayabusa. Noted girl group and visual stan. But I also listen to boy groups/male soloists and so this is something I've worked on for a while now. Why did I make a Boy Group list first? Coz it's easier. Doing a Girl Group list...
  9. blueberries

    Group ♕ BIGBANG ♕ [Official] artist thread ~ Still Alive ~

    Name Big Bang / BIGBANG / 빅뱅 Formed BIGBANG The Beginning / BIGBANG Documentary (2006) Debut August 19, 2006 (at Olympic Gymnastic Area, YG Family 10th Anniversary Concert) Status on hiatus April 2018 - November, 2019 (due to military services) Fandom Name VIP Official light stick "Bang Bong"...
  10. blueberries

    Appreciation T.O.P looked amazing on his last service day

    Just casually modeling Source: [단독]빅뱅 탑 1500만원대 마지막 퇴근 복장…해외팬 브랜드 탐색전
  11. blueberries

    If T.O.P was having comeback right now, what kind of stuff would u like to see from him most

    Personally I can't wait to hear more music from T.O.P. He has least releases from BB members, but all his stuff is so good and also so him since he writes it all. I think I'd like music without promotions most, no need go on music shows really. Though I kinda miss him in varieties lot, not just...
  12. lexus

    Official Bigbang Badge Revamp Thread

    OFFICIAL BIGBANG BADGE REVAMP THREAD SUGGESTIONS PERIOD: June 13th - June 21st VOTING PERIOD: June 21st - June 27th VOTING PERIOD: June 26th - July 3rd RULES Badge size must be 77x77 Use official photos Covered faces or side profiles are allowed if the idol is easily identifiable Do not use...
  13. blueberries

    Performance TaeDae staying unbothered and slaying it at army

    I love how they even in army are all about Big Bang and performing xd Big Bang will be just fine :pepecry1:
  14. WhiteWadeWilson

    (POLL) IF Seungri back to BIGBANG?

    WIll you guys (mainly VIPs) still accepts him wholeheartedly or not? lets say in couple years after the incident toned down a bit...either if he is proven innocent or not...the dirty chat will always be there though... this: or this:
  15. joshuaology

    Rumor Seungri & 'friends'

    Doesn't sound interesting but here's some stuff VIPs are saying: What BB members said about Seungri and his friends: T.O.P: "I have told him i don't like his friend's, some of them try to take advantage of him" G DRAGON to seungri: "you didn't invite us to your birthday party, you always need...
  16. bulletproof

    Seungri's future was predicted 5 years ago