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  1. bangtrash

    Why bighit is NOT the best company

    Do anyone realize that they sexualized bts at young ages. They made them lift up their shirts to show their abs when the maknae line was minors. wasn’t he 17 at the time🤨 they also made jungkook and tae lift up their shirts in the dance practice. Bighit isn’t the worst company, but not the...
  2. Han_Chin

    I wonder when the New Girl Group under BiGHIT will debut

    As most of us know... Bighit placed auditions in 2019, Looking for members for their New Girl Group. The Girl Group members have been chosen But I just can't wait for them to debut. Like what is their concept going to be about. Since they have only Boy Groups now. I just want to see if...
  3. maruberry

    Teaser Hoshi to release mixtape "spider"

    I hate Bighit so much. Why can't this be a solo album, why does this have to be a mixtape! I hate Bighit so god damn much, I despise them, I hate them.... LET THE IDOLS PROMOTE GOD DAMN SOLO! PLEASE! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!! @Carat
  4. maruberry

    SVT being Bighit is ironic, considering the members are closer with SM idols

    I mean... it's kinda funny! Minghao & Jun are really close with NCT's China-line (Apparently Chenle is learning meditation from Minghao) Woozi & Chanyeol are friends Hoshi is a SHINee fanboy Super Junior and SVT overall seem to be close (too many instances to mention) It's so ironic that SVT...
  5. maruberry

    News SEVENTEEN will not be performing at the Bighit new years concert!

  6. maruberry

    Does Bighit have trainee debt?

    So.... Does Bighit have trainee debt? I don't think I've seen anything that hints one way or another.... Do y'all have any hints or opinions?
  7. JakeyWantsCakey


  8. JakeyWantsCakey

    Who do you want to be in the final I-LAND lineup?

    I know that no one except me and @Poetry is really watching this show on here but I felt like making a thread about this so deal with it! My Lineup (in no particular order): EJ Geonu Heesung Jake Jay Jungwon K Daniel Hanbin Sunoo Taki Jaebeom I THINK this is my final lineup although I'd be...
  9. JakeyWantsCakey

    Reality What Do You Guys Think Of I-LAND So Far?

    I've just finished watching the second episode and I think I'm gonna watch the third raw because I'm starting to get hooked! It's like Kpop meets Big Brother and I'm kinda here for it so far. I especially like the fact that they're choosing their own members, I feel like Bang PD is basically...
  10. maruberry

    Now that Dispatch and Bighit don't get along any more.....

    When do you think the dating scandal is happening? Dispatch have been going after BTS a lot these days, so I think it is only a matter of time until they pop the ultimate scandal.... the DATING scandal! I'm gonna say it's gonna take a bit, bcs Dispatch is going to want fresh tea and proof for...
  11. maruberry

    News Bighit has acquired Pledis

  12. xdreamsandflames

    which upcoming girl group are you most excited for?

    yg's new gg, bighit's gg from the plus auditions, smngg, or play m's Weeekly? (i know that the plus auditions were literally last year and they probably won't be debuting any time soon, but still) edit: or red square, SECRET NUMBER, woo!ah or daylight (yuehua ent, the members are all chinese...
  13. Haolat

    Does this mean Bighit will work on Boy Groups and Source Music will work on Girl Groups?

    Source Music Noted To Have Part Ways With All Male Trainees, Including “Produce X 101” Kim HyeonBin Note: There is no official statement from the agency yet. With the news that Source Music and Big Hit Entertainment will be joining hands together to form a new girl group in 2021 through ‘PLUS...