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  1. Dreamer_of_Songs

    Bleach Thousand-Year Blood Airs Today!

    Today is the official release for the new Bleach Anime, Thousand Year Blood-War! It will be out later today on Hulu in the US (and Disney+ for the international users) This was worth waiting for 10 years!
  2. maruberry

    Today I went screw it and nuked my hair

    I dye my hair at home I bleach it AND dye it at home on my own to be more precise. I know high percentage oxidizer bleach is not good to use BUT... Holy damn I do not have the patience for lower percentages. I nuke my hair with 30% for like 15 mins and I am GOOD Do any of y'all bleach your...
  3. blueberries

    Appreciation Best Bleach Arc? (poll)

    What is your favorite Bleach arc? Compared to One Piece, there really isn't many, especially if filler arcs aren't included :jisoosmh: Also, I feel like one arc will definitely win this one.. Going with major arcs: Agent of the Shinigami / The Substitute (ep 1-20) Ichigo becomes...