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block b

  1. mirella

    News ZICO INTERVIEW — "How Did You Do It?"

    Eng sub is available if you turn on captions. I'm really proud of Zico for making it this far and starting his own company. <if anyone wants me to tag them regarding Zico/Block B news, feel free to tell me>
  2. mirella

    News Zico opens KOZ Ent. and signs first artist—himself

    Yep, he signed himself. Must have been difficult. He's also working on a full album atm, which means more content. I'm hoping for more collabs, esp. FANXYCHILD ones. He plans to discover and help new artists, and KOZ will not be limited to *just* a hiphop label. Also, I think he's still a...
  3. karina

    MV P.O finally releases "Comme des Gracons"

    I just love P.O and his voice. Finally my boy released a solo
  4. karina

    Look at what I have found stored in my phone 😍

    This I call friendship everyone
  5. karina

    [DONE] Block B Badge

    Yeah It's Block B's Time for Badges now Suggestion Period: 9.10 - 13.10 Voting Period: 13.10 - 16.10 Requirements: -use HD pictures -avoid fan account pictures -make sure the badge is sized 77 x 77 [I will add my Suggestions later here]
  6. bulletproof

    Rumor Zico is leaving Block b?

    What do you think? He will remew his contract? He will leave Block B? Somehow I expect him to leave, his solo activities are more successful than the group activities. And Block B are good anyway, but Zico is their most popular member and producer...