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  1. UniNine0Nine

    Never thought I would love a non-real Kpop group song

    Pandora is totally a BOP! It sounds like what SM groups would make :kittylove:
  2. F

    Appreciation SF9 11TH MINI ALBUM [THE WAVE OF9]

    Any of you guys saw this? thr lit Summer bop definitely 🌴🌊🌈
  3. Xeulgi

    Performance Red Velvet- Icc tango remix

    The tango remix version sounds amazing! I hope they release a full version of it!!
  4. RainbowDevil

    Audio I'm ashamed that i forgot this

    I haven't posted my Monsta X biased ass in a long time so here I highly recommend it's a really unique song with quite a different vibe :sanapray: If you don't enjoy MX usually this might just be your style
  5. TaShye

    MV Thicc Ladies Need Tempo [Lizzo "TEMPO" (feat. Missy Elliot) ]

    [VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: STRONG LANGUAGE, SEXUAL REFERENCES IN LYRICS.] Lizzo and Missy Elliot has come together to drop us not only this song but this music video. llama_twerk This whole BOP
  6. Mayday

    Feedback (Ladies' Code) VS Feedback (BoA)

    Which one do you prefer? Feedback (Ladies Code) VS Feedback (BoA)

    MV Y'all r flops if you let this flop

    support SF9 and become a cool kid like me tysm ily :pepeheart:
  8. Ashla_K

    MV Mark Ronson + Miley= BOP

    Omg! This is the perfect bop to listen until 2019 and the mv is great. :llama_cheer::llama_prance:
  9. jasque

    I could tell the moment I saw you

    You’re something special I could feel it in your eyes I could feel my heart dropping Fly like the butterflies Na nan a navillera Let the wind blow Fly way, away So I can reach you With all my heart Let’s start fresh, you and me The love I envy, please don’t let me down I’m going to show you...