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burning sun gate

  1. blueberries

    News YG (Yang Hyunsuk) under fire for allegedly providing prostitutes to investors

    Soompi: YG Entertainment Denies Allegations By MBC’s “Straight” That Yang Hyun Suk Mediated Prostitution Services According to MBC's program "Straight" and their witness, YG entertainments founder and CEO- Yang Hyunsuk- has provided sexual services to foreign investors in 2014. The show...
  2. blueberries

    News [UPDATE] Police requests arrest warrant for Seungri

    Source: Police Request Pretrial Detention Warrants For Seungri And Yoo In Suk Police requested arrest warrant today for Seungri and Yoo In-Suk (Yuri Holding's CEO) on accounts of mediation of prostitution and embezzlement. If the arrest warrant is accepted by the court both of the suspects will...
  3. blueberries

    News More contestants to Prison 101? Who will make it to final line up??

    Now this shouldn't be funny, but it's still so absurd you gotta laugh. Soompi just published article how JJY's chat room included 14 people and 8 of them were singers: MBC Reports Jung Joon Young’s Group Chatrooms Sharing Hidden Camera Footage Included 8 Singers So there were lot more singers...