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  1. NeoSquare

    Teaser More & More - Chaeyoung

  2. NeoSquare

    Teaser More & More Concept Film - Chaeyoung

  3. OnCloudShine

    Appreciation Rosé (Pre-debut)- When You Look Me In The Eyes

    Such a cutie:umjicry: :umjicry: :umjicry: (Un)Happy 8 years under YGE Chaeyoung :nekolove:
  4. eclipsoul

    News TWICE’s Chaeyoung Shares Stern Words About Personal Privacy After Phone Number Is Leaked

    Source: Soompi TWICE’s Chaeyoung candidly opened up about her phone number being leaked and had stern words for those involved in the situation. On January 26, Chaeyoung took to TWICE’s official Instagram account to share her thoughts in the following post:
  5. Mayday

    Audio TWICE "Feel Special" (Full Instrumental) [FANMADE]

    The teasers admittedly were disappointing, but I'm really enjoying this instrumental. Then again, it is fanmade, so there's no guarantee that this is accurate (though this channel has been fairly accurate in the past).
  6. Loki

    Appreciation Tzuyu being the greatest

    just look at her appreciating Red Velvet's talent! I love this collab so much I still wanna a studio version for it! they are all just the best :nekolove::nekolove:
  7. Mayday

    GFX BLACKPINK's Anniversary- Roseanne

    Feedback appreciated
  8. perhapz

    Thoughts This is me trying to make people stan fromis_9

    and drink fromisweat
  9. RunningMan

    Performance [Fancam] An Amazing and Loud Fanchanting Performance by Onces! Twice @ Pocari Challenge Teen Festa

    :lovelycooky: Loud and Amazing fanchanting by Onces! Twice @ Pocari Challenge Teen Festa 07.07.2019 Fancy Dance The Night Away Cheer Up
  10. perhapz

    Photo New fromis_9 members' hairstyles

    Purple hair Jiwon is all I didn't know I needed, but now I can't live without: Black (dark blue) hair Romsae is a whole new level of power: Hayoung without bangs gotta enter the Hall of Fame of the foreheads with Wendy and Yuju Chaeng's short hair is looking cute (and everyone knows...
  11. perhapz

    Appreciation Happy Birthday, Chaeyoung (fromis_9)! 🧡

    Happy birthday to our talented member and variety show queen, Lee Chaeyoung! 🧡🧡🧡 Random Flover taglist:
  12. ThiccDicc

    Appreciation OOOOOOKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAYYYYYY Who told you this was allowed

    WHO ALLOWED CHAEYOUNG TO GROW UP WHERE MY BBY CHAENG AT??? *currently crying in the corner* her blonde looks saved 2019 and her pink hair is giving me life tho I FANCY YOU CHAEYONG
  13. AnotherKpopTrash

    Discussion Is this Chaeyoung's Era?

    We all know talented Chaeng can kill a new more mature concept. :queen: But I also found these gifs. She's so cute and lovable here. :maheart: How can you not fall for her? :maheart:
  14. Chahee

    Appreciation Remember when a korean girl group made the president cry

    Moon Jae-in: I have tears in my eyes. Gyuri is so cute like a puppy, give the award and the city keys to Nagyung, can you? Actually it was Red Velvet that did that, but appreciate this perfect performance anyway.
  15. perhapz

    Performance Take a moment to appreciate this Momo/Mina/Chae/Dahyun performance

    It happened a while ago, I've seen so many fancams of this performance but now this HD version is out. Can you imagine the whole Twice group doing a mature/sexy concept like this. :sj_weary:
  16. NeoSquare

    TWICE ✩ The Best Thing I Ever Did ✩

    TWICE will be releasing their 3rd special album The Year of "Yes" on December 12 (6 PM KST)! Group Teasers "Unit" teasers:
  17. perhapz

    Group fromis_9 Official Thread 🍀 Flover Garden 🍀

    fromis_9 (Korean: 프로미스나인 or 프로미스 9), is a South Korean girl group formed by CJ E&M through the 2017 reality show Idol School. The group is composed of nine members: Roh Ji-sun, Song Ha-young, Lee Sae-rom, Lee Chae-young, Lee Na-gyung, Park Ji-won, Lee Seo-yeon, Baek Ji-heon and Jang Gyu-ri. The...