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  1. LeeHoseok

    News The Try Guys release a video on the Ned Fulmer incident

    Currently watching it myself.
  2. LeeHoseok

    News Ned Fulmer removed from The Try Guys

    For those of you unaware, a rumour/evidence of Ned Fulmer of The Try Guys was caught cheating on his wife. He was caught cheating with Alex of Food Babies, who also happens to be his subordinate. Seems that this newest announcement strengthens those rumours. This guy's whole personality was...
  3. RainbowDevil

    Are you afraid of being cheated on?

    I'm sure some of us on the forum are either currently in a relationship or have been in one and even if not this is something that might scare you for a future one. Being cheated on is one of my personal biggest nightmares, I feel like I'd be traumatized and shattered, the person I "love" with...