1. whatever

    Dance Practice [Choreography] ONEUS(원어스) '뿌셔 (BBUSYEO)' 사복 안무 영상

    I absolutely love it ! Very fun choreo !
  2. marublade

    Cover Pink Fantasy SangA choreography to Dua Lipa "new rules" [actual death]

    I'm... she is just out to kill everyone....
  3. GloriousHavoc

    Performance They deserve every dance award... and some more!

    This is the most exhausting kpop choreo I've ever seen. But it's not just difficult for the sake of being difficult, it's madness and FUN! :queen: 4K, static cam version I honestly don't care if Seventeen will never be on top when it comes to popularity. Their music is a hit or miss for...
  4. Soleski

    Favorite BTS choreo?

    Mic drop, Boy in luv and danger for me :pandalove: :pandalove: :pandalove: originally I only wanted to mention one, but I can't choose so :pandanoreaction:
  5. marublade

    Appreciation Imagine Lay being like a proud father to Ten and Winwin

    I can just imagine Lay hyping them up a lot and showing their dance video to everyone he meets! Just sending the video in messages to everyone and so on! I also can imagine that these messages were exchanged between Lay and his bro Khalid! Lay: Bro, my little brothers did this dance cover to...
  6. marublade

    IZ*ONE's Violeta choreography is really difficult

    I was watching the individual focuses for their comeback show and... This choreo looks like something Gfriend would have!
  7. marublade

    Appreciation Ten and Winwin are such good dancers!

    They are doing an original choreo and the little snippets we have gotten of it seem so amazing!