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  1. RockyGoose

    The thumbnails give me the same vibe

    Well... red background and bugs. (Yonghee has butterflies, Woosung has moths) Not trying to say that CIX is copying Woosung though. I like both of these songs.
  2. Hakunama_Tata

    Photo CIX Bae Jinyoung shocks netizens

    The famous and know-it-all better netizens are shocked by ex Wanna One and current CIX member Bae Jinyoung's new look. Recently, he was seen with red hair, tattoos and a more bulky figure on stage and netizens commented things like: "What is he doing?" "Who are you? I really almost couldn't...
  3. kimsguardian

    MV CIX 『Pinky Swear』

  4. Yundubu

    TV 2021 New Kdrama "Best Mistake 3" official poster

    After 2 seasons of Best Mistake, they came back with a new season with releasing their first official poster The first episode will air on December 28th at 6pm kst
  5. Abeamus

    News CIX cancels sales of merchandise due to plagiarism concerns

    Hello, this is C9 Entertainment. To commemorate the second debut anniversary of CIX, we took and released some photos under the concept of “tennis club players.” We planned to make and sell commemorative goods using a part of the photos. In this process, we have identified that the design of...
  6. Darkseid

    MV CIX (씨아이엑스) - Cinema M/V

    My expectations are high after the excellent Jungle, so let's see :susPepe: @Fix @Boy Group
  7. Darkseid

    Top 3 MVs of 2020

    I did one of these in June, but now that the year is ending, feels like a more appropriate time. What are your 3 favorite MVs this year and why? 1. CIX- Jungle The song was amazing but the MV is what truly captured my attention- it's theatrical and cinematic af, the concept has something to...
  8. Darkseid

    Appreciation CIX dropped boy group SOTY and best MV of the year but y'all still sleeping on them.

    Tbh I'm also sleeping on CIX, I only got to know yesterday that they have Bae Jinyoung from Wanna One lol. And that the main rapper and main vocal came from YG Treasure Box. Either way, they just dropped Jungle, which imo is the best BG title released this year, or atleast close. What's not...
  9. Poetry

    Photo CIX for 1st Look vol. 206

    1st Look vol. 206
  10. JakeyWantsCakey

    News CIX Announce New Date For Rescheduled Comeback, Bae Jinyoung Fully Recovered!

    CIX are finally able to return as a full group once again with the release of their delayed 3rd mini album, 'Chapter 3: Hello, Strange Time'! Originally, CIX's comeback was scheduled for this past summer, after the group began teasers for their 3rd mini album on June 3. The boys excited fans...
  11. izcream

    cix badge thread

    welcome to cix's badge thread ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ R U L E S 💌 badges must be 77 x 77 💌 official photos only 💌 selfies are only allowed if they are from official accounts 💌 post your sources 💌...
  12. izcream

    News C9 Entertainment Announced Postponement for CIX's Comeback Due to Bae Jinyoung's Injury

    On June 24th, the group's agency C9 Entertainment made an announcement for the group's comeback postponement. The agency revealed that Bae Jinyoung injured his ankle earlier this month. Although he was advised to take time to recover, Bae Jinyoung, unfortunately, has recently sprained his ankle...
  13. izcream

    june in a nutshell

    which comebacks are you excited for?
  14. NeoSquare

    News C9 Entertainment has established a new music label

    So a few days ago I made a thread about C9 Girlz, who are now called cignature and will debut mid-February. Turns out that C9 Ent has made a music label, J9, which will focus on girl groups (CIX will remain under C9). J9 will be represented by Kim Bumjoon. ANTICIPATE CIGNATURE, ROTY
  15. RainbowDevil

    Cover Astro, SF9, The Boyz and CIX cover Love Shot

    Not much to be said here, the only group I don't stan (yet) is CIX but god damn these are some of the best young dancers in the industry so enjoy the eye candyyy and amazing dancing Astro Taglist: @Mangoey @Vikki @SugaRush @taemkitten @RainbowDevil @Reo @Bopper @potato SF9: @ReadMyFanfic2...
  16. JakeyWantsCakey

    Performance CIX First Ever Win!!!

    I love the song and the choreo but I never expected them to win so quickly! @Poetry @colorfulteardrop how do you guys feel right now? The Winning Performance: Boygroup Taglist @goyo @Reo @wayvoutsold @Pigeon @Crackhead @GoldenBunny @MsJimin @baekk @Soleski @Darjeeling @RainbowDevil...
  17. JakeyWantsCakey

    Reality Official Hello CIX Thread - The Pre-Debut Reality Show By CIX

    This is the new reality show for upcoming boy group CIX from C9 Entertainment. The group consists of 5 members: Bae Jinyoung (Wanna One) BX (YG Treasure Box Finalist & Mix Nine Winner) Seunghun (YG Treasure Box Finalist) Yonghee Hyunsuk Tag List: @Poetry @colorfulteardrop...
  18. Poetry

    Group CIX Thread | 5th EP 'OK' Episode 1: OK Not (Aug 22) |

    C I X Thread completion of unknown CIX (Complete in X, X=unknown) is a 5-member group from C9 Entertainment. They debuted July 23, 2019 with the title track 'Movie Star.' Members include ex-Wanna One Bae Jinyoung, Lee Byounggon aka. BX (ex-YG trainee who finished rank #9 on MIX9...