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  1. matteoCFO

    Someone at my school is also half-Mexican and autistic but they’re kind of messed up

    I am 17, half-Mexican, and have autism, this kid in my class who’s also half-Mexican and visits Mexico smiles at me a lot and he’s autistic and I smile at him too a lot, I honestly smile at people a lot even though I’m autistic. I couldn’t be friends with him however mainly because he would ask...
  2. Ghostface

    I ain't even mad about class anymore

    I honestly do not care to talk to my classmates. I just feel annoyed every time I do talk to someone. Or just want to go home and not even come to class. I feel like class is fake to me and I get such ugh not this again when I go there. Mad over nothing I swear to god. Maybe it's something...