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  1. Heesoo

    Majors & Minors in College

    I‘m going to do Aviation Engineering for college! :sanapray: What do you plan to/have you gone into?
  2. raymondchouku

    College Experience

    If you have finished college/university or are currently in college/university, what is/was the college experience for you? Did/do you go to many parties? Do you just study? Or something in the middle? Personally, when I was in undergrad I was offered to join a fraternity, but I chose not to...
  3. Baechu

    @ University / College Students 📖

    I‘m starting my very first semester in about 2 weeks. I have sum questions and I’m lowkey scared cause the uni life is getting closer and closer :pepeslippy: Tell me about your own first uni/college experience and please give me tips on how to survive and what do to in your first...
  4. victorious

    I need help passing my classes

    I been at Wake Tech for 8 years because I keep taking the same over and over and the teachers are just ripping me off with bad grades. I just want to pass my class. Is there any way I can get the teachers to give me good grades and let me pass my class?
  5. victorious

    My college Life

    So Ive been attending a community college for 7 years because I got too distracted by kpop. Now I have pay for my Spring 2020 class out of pocket and raise my GPA in order to get my financial aid back in the summer 2020. I wish the kpop news would stop updating kpop news when people in college...