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  1. QueenB

    Teaser The Boyz 'The Stealer' MV Teaser

    This is like the 4th thread of them I've made but this is finally the MV teaser lol! ~I'm excited~
  2. QueenB

    Teaser Up10tion 'Light' Teaser

  3. QueenB

    Teaser The Boyz 'Stealers Tricks' and Photo Teasers

  4. maruberry

    Appreciation I can't wait for Pink Fantasy's comeback

    It's been like.... literally a year since a proper full group Pinkpan comeback.... :jisoosmh: I MISS THEM SO MUCH! Like sure I'm getting like twice a week covers from Yechan and all kinds of posts from the others but STILLL I MISS THEM! GIMME A COMEBACK A PROPER COMEBACK! GIMME AN ALBUM...
  5. QueenB

    Teaser Up10tion "Light Up" Spectrum Photo II

    No Wooseok and Jinhyuk for this comeback it seems but the teasers look pretty so far so i'm still excited~
  6. QueenB

    Teaser The Boyz 'Chase' video teaser "Breaking News"

    The audio is a little cringe but the styling.... :pandalove:
  7. QueenB

    Teaser The Boyz 'Chase' Teasers

    Their Comeback is September 21st!
  8. JakeyWantsCakey

    Teaser CLC - Helicopter Teaser Images

  9. QueenB

    Comeback Saturday "D.B.D.B.DIB" Comeback

    The mv is a lot better quality than I was expecting from the CEO's letter so I think they did a great job considering the trouble they are having right now. I actually really like the song too lol. It's just a cutesy fun summer song~
  10. Ozymandias

    Performance Twice- More & More (Comeback Stage)

    The reigning queens are back after their longest drought and it's so good to see OT9 on stage again after Mina was absent for Feel Special promotions :pepecry1: Only posting this as a thread coz comeback stage, for other music show performances, will post them in the artist thread instead...
  11. maruberry

    Teaser Pink fantasy comeback incoming!

    This BETTER be a comeback teaser it looks SO GOOD! I CANNOT WAIT! I need specifics like... YESTERDAY
  12. JakeyWantsCakey

    News Black Pink getting a Western Style roll out for their 1st Full Album

    So I saw @Mayday made a thread about Black Pink's comeback being delayed so I went on my usually kpop news sites and couldn't see any BP related articles possibly because everyone's writing 10,000 articles about the 97 liners controversy... but when I just googled Black Pink, I found a couple of...
  13. eclipsoul

    Comeback DAY6 "The Book Of Us: The Demon" 11.05 || Comeback Thread

    DAY6 "The Book Of Us: The Demon" Trailer Film Tracklist
  14. maruberry

    News SuperM announces comeback

  15. perhapz

    Comeback (G)I-DLE "I TRUST" Comeback - April 6th

    (G)I-DLE Taglist @Baechu @RainbowDevil @kuro @Walnutt @MinSquishy @JakeyWantsCakey @Soleski @blurryface @Sappho @lexus @AnotherKpopTrash @bulletproof @HopeOnTheStreet @Tpse @Lady_Grey @OnlyCalB @Spooky @Jungkook @planetarium @TaShye @YouNiceKeepGoin @Joy @ikonicraja @Keihatsu I'll update the...
  16. eclipsoul

    News Monsta X to make a comeback in May

  17. eclipsoul

    MV ONEUS - A Song Written Easily