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  1. whatever

    Information Oneus new comeback - La dolce vita 2023.09.26

    @ToMoon They're having a comeback in september ! I can't wait !!!!
  2. seoriverse

    Why are there so many comebacks right now?

    even everglow came out of the basement for the event like what's going on something in the august air??? i'm not complaining ofc we got jihyo solo 😘
  3. whatever

    Teaser ONEUS(원어스) 'Same Scent' MV Teaser 2

    The second teaser is out ! The first teaser was :
  4. seoriverse

    pink venom lyrics

    hi, i'd like to start this thread by saying that my first language is not english and this might just be a big misunderstanding because i am not a native speaker. i came accross a post on twitter with a screenshot of the lyrics of pink venom. i tried to read them because they're mainly in...
  5. LilacNyx

    Teaser TRI.BE: 3rd Single Album ‘LEVIOSA’ Member and Unit Photos

    Here are the individual and concept photos for TRI.BE’s upcoming comeback!
  6. LilacNyx

    Comeback WJSN Special Single "Sequence" Comeback [2022-07-05 6 PM KST]

    Shortly after WJSN’s win on Queendom 2, the girls are coming back in early July. @Ujung
  7. whatever

    Performance Oneus - Bring it on - Who got the joker @Show!MusicCore 220521

    Fancams in spoiler.
  8. whatever

    Performance ONEUS - Music Bank performance - Bring it on and Intro : Who got the Joker

    WHO GOT THE JOKER GOT A PERFORMANCE ?! AND I KNOW IT ! BRING IT ON SHINES ON STAGE AND ON LIVE !!!! Fancams in the spoiler...Seoho is eye-catching...well Oneus is eye-catching...but bad boy Seoho is another matter.
  9. whatever

    Sales TRICKSTER by ONEUS has now surpassed 210,000 copies sold on Hanteo.

    Their sales for this era are already impressive.
  10. LilacNyx

    News SNSD To have a Comeback for their 15th Anniversary

    @Sone The clown makeup can come off because SNSD is coming back this August! It has been confirmed! :pandahappy: The Girls are Back and the timing was perfect.
  11. whatever

    News Oneus Ravn and Keonhee have been tested positive for Covid.

    Ravn and Keonhee have been tested positive. Hope they will rest well and be healthy. They won't attend Kpopflex. I guess the schedule for their comeback will likely be changed now.
  12. whatever

    New MV ONEUS(원어스) 'TRICKSTER' - EP.1 Trickster : The Choice is Ours

    This is looking really great OMG ! @ToMoon
  13. litc

    Information SUHO COMEBACK In the world of K-pop, an artist’s most precious commodity isn’t necessarily their angelic voice or tight double pirouette — it’s time. That’s because for the majority of male K-pop idols, looming in the distance is...
  14. osa

    (final) choose my username lol

    Username change poll it should be easy... i alr know what my username after this will b so theres gonna b no confusion abt it or whatever
  15. whatever

    Audio Oneus Blood Moon album

    To anyone interested, all the songs of the album are on their official channel. ONEUS(원어스) ‘Intro : 창 (窓 : Window) (Feat. 최예림) ONEUS(원어스) '월하미인 (月下美人 : LUNA)' MV Yes Or No (사랑의 결말은 모 아니면 도 (Yes Or No)) ONEUS THEATRE : Life is Beautiful ONEUS THEATRE : Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot...