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  1. the101

    Video NCT Taeyong - Heartbreak Anniversary cover

    @NCT 127
  2. seoriverse

    Cover UMI's cover of NewJeans' Ditto

  3. centen

    Appreciation Favorite cover another group did of one of your bias group's songs?

    What's a cover another kpop artist has done of one of your bias group's songs that you really like? Band covers are some of my favorite covers. And XH has lots of good ones. This is such a nice take on Tomboy. :pikahappy:
  4. As_Good_As_Dead

    GFX Kreayshawn profile cover quote

    Tagging those who are keen like me @Yachii @Tsukino @kimsguardian @Lovely_Cornchips
  5. As_Good_As_Dead

    GFX Profile Cover 'Nabby' W 2022

    Be amazed by the colours and everything else blahblahblah :dubuwave: Enjoy but not 'too' much!
  6. xtra

    I don't want to be shady but this is ....

    they tried i guess :worry::wimwim:
  7. xtra

    Appreciation I’m obsessed with this cover

  8. seoriverse

    Appreciation she def did this to attract women

    can't say she failed because here i am 😁 no seriously wtf CHAEWON??? she's so so hot thank you for blessing my eyes
  9. seoriverse

    Cover Lee Chaeyeon dance cover of Hype Boy by NewJeans

    @Wiz*one @NewJeans
  10. seoriverse

    Cover [Purple kiss cover] "Alcohol-free" by NA GOEUN & YUKI vs "Love Song" by CHAEIN & SWAN

    @Plory You can vote for your favorite cover out of the two and the cover who win will be fully released on Purple Kiss' official YouTube channel.
  11. Exi

    Appreciation Another Lit Dance Cover !

    After school’s dance covers are always so lit :pandahappy: I found one I didn’t watch till today and ngl it’s lit: :pandahappy:
  12. tricky

    Appreciation they ate, slayed and then ate again

    fax :lucastwerk:
  13. tricky

    Chihoon wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    enjoy this wonderful cover...
  14. whatever

    Performance 원어스(ONEUS) 'Thriller' Performance Video (Michael Jackson cover)

    I really like the performance !