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  1. Yundubu

    Appreciation Yongseung we miss you

    Glad that he's doing well! :pandalove: :pandalove:
  2. milk

    Do you personally know anyone who is being reckless during this pandemic?

    My aunt.... She has many health issues and was just hospitalized for one of them. Anyway she decided to attend a huge thanksgiving dinner full of people. Days later, they all went to the mall to go shopping and ate at various restaurants.... She is planning a huge Christmas party. IDK what she...
  3. milk

    How do you feel about the new COVID vaccine in the USA?

    Right now the front line workers (doctors/medical experts) are the main ones who are taking it today. Do you trust it? Will you take the vaccine when it becomes available in the future for everyone else? Are you confident that it will help with preventing the spread of this virus? For more...
  4. LeeHoseok

    News EVERGLOW's Yiren & Sihyeon test positive for Covid-19

    May they recover quickly!
  5. LeeHoseok

    News UP10TION's Kogyeol also tests positive for Covid-19, group and staff to self-quarantine

    I hope no one is showing symptoms and any who are get better quickly. @Honey10
  6. JakeyWantsCakey

    How The UK Government Handles COVID-19 In A Nutshell...

    @SeulPika @JJbaker @notthatmarko your from the UK too, right?
  7. Tickita

    "Can you turn on your camera?"

    How do you feel about people who ask this? What would you do if you were asked by your teacher/boss/etc...? Should the choice to turn on one's camera be their own, or not? Why?
  8. FireLord

    Intro FIRELORD - New to Kpop, huge fan of BTS

    Hey i'm FireLord, I have only gotten into kpop since the lockdown started. I took up learning dance routines on youtube to pass time, i found the zumba classes boring and ended up trying Hiphop routines... anyways youtube suggested a BTS song, and i was hooked instantly. I think i watched it 20...
  9. LoveYooShaSha

    News Malaysia imposes 14-day restricted movement order on whole country's starting from midnight(12:00am) Wednesday 18 March 2020 till 31 March 2020 I just woke up today n found out my country has imposed a 14-day restricted movement order from midnight on 18 March 2020 (so it starts in ard 12 hrs here/single time zone only) till...