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  1. Jewel

    Appreciation Bunny boy Yeonjun

  2. Starlight4370

    GFX Asakura Momo DP and Signature

    Obviously I am obsessed with gg Trysail and this shows. Thanks for looking and commenting maybe. Enid
  3. Starlight4370

    I am now an uncle to 2 nieces

    Matilda Hutchings Summer Hutchings Mattie was born on Halloween Hurray for me!
  4. Starlight4370

    I have all 6 Nishino Kana albums.

    It took a long while. But it happened and I happened. each album is a joy to listen to.
  5. seoriverse

    Photo cutest friendship 💓

    joon and hoseok with their matching tattoos, there's nothing cuter in this world :pepeheart: @ARMY
  6. seoriverse

    chuu heart

    i was thinking which is a bit of an unusual event. i thought about how we don't have a chuu heart gif in the kps lil emoji. like is that not the cutest, sweetest thing ever? i feel like the percentage of happiness in the kps community would greatly increase thanks to this gif thank you for...
  7. Starlight4370

    Happy Birthday Tsukino

    I wish @Tsukino a nice birthday and enjoy her presents. @Yachii @Daiisy We always are keen on your special day. If someone already made this my bad
  8. Starlight4370

    Photobook Amamiya Sora

    Some of the photos in it. Enjoy!
  9. Starlight4370

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Favourite Songs

    She has always good song but these are my favourite Anyone who hasn't listened to her should!
  10. Starlight4370

    Favourite Japanese Album in your collection

    Mai Kuraki - Smile Hangry and Hangry - Sadistic Dance Home Made Kazoku - Circle Scandal - Standard Lucie Too - Fool There is a lot more I like, but I don't want to over populate this thread. What's yours?
  11. Starlight4370

    My Senpai is annoying

    Really cute and funny anime. I thoroughly enjoyed it I wish it went a bit longer. otherwise 8/10 The op and end songs are really nice as well.
  12. Starlight4370

    Trysail has a "somewhat" new album Re Bon Voyage

    I have three of their albums, plus some solo album work. I am gonna buy this today and no one can stoppppp me
  13. Starlight4370

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu *ALBUMS*

    I have four and am missing one. She is such a great and cute singer, I was hyped when she performed invader invader Japanese cute she does effortlessly.
  14. litc

    Appreciation What in kpop couldn't you believe until you saw it for yourself?

    Note: this is a light-hearted thread:taesquish: For me, I couldn't believe Tiffany's (SNSD) eye smile. I had heard about it but I was like "Everyone has an eye smile, how great can it be?" but I saw her smile (I think in a performance of You Think) and she's adorable (imo):llama_squish: What...
  15. litc

    Omg cuties lee hi and suhyun for Christmas! I need a comeback

    They’re so cute, I need a hi suhyun comeback:pepecry1:
  16. Lumii

    GFX I found Ateez gifs because I was bored I hope you like them I also found some BTS and TXT ones too

    These are not mine they are very pretty tho
  17. Starlight4370

    GFX I've been enjoying The Helpful Fox Senko San (So I did a DP and Signature to homage it)

    I think it's my most precise and focus based yet. I enjoy a bigger spectrum of size and colours usually. But this was quite fun to edit around the character I have there is 'Shiro' the fox girl with sass and confidence <3 @vogue @Saythename17 @JakeyWantsCakey @Vikki @gayzone @Yachii...
  18. Starlight4370

    Appreciation Death metal seal (the flipper action lol)

    Wanted to share this. Joins the ranks of death metal rooster imo. Enjoy! Cute and funny goodness! @vogue @Jimmychimchim @Saythename17 @JakeyWantsCakey @Vikki @LiviaRaine @Lady_Grey
  19. maruberry

    Appreciation I'm here for absolution of sins

    I've commited many sins on this site by showing you all things.... you really didn't deserve to see! So instead of nightmare fuel I give y'all something wonderful!
  20. maruberry

    Appreciation Rocket Punch's Juicy & Pink Fantasy's Playing house give me really similar vibes

    It's this cute and cheeky vibe! it's like..... the purest form of cute!