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  1. Ozymandias

    Discussion TWICE mystery finally solved!!

    I still don't agree :wimwim: But it seems it was actually Dahyun all along, I still see Mina or Tzuyu though :yolk: How is THAT Dubu? :jisoosmh: @Once
  2. uwuWinter

    Performance TWICE - I CAN’T STOP ME + MORE & MORE - 20201225 SBS Gayo Daejeon in Daegu

    TWICE - I CAN’T STOP ME + MORE & MORE - 2020 SBS Gayo Daejeon in Daegu Finally they posted the performance. @Once
  3. uwuWinter

    Performance TWICE 'Merry&Happy' + 'MORE & MORE' + 'I Cant Stop Me' - Full Cam (20201225 SBS Gayo Daejeon)

    TWICE 'Merry&Happy' Full Cam ('Merry&Happy' 풀캠) 2020 SBS Gayo Daejeon @Once
  4. uwuWinter

    Appreciation Twice TV "2020 MAMA" Ep.01

    Twice TV "2020 MAMA" Ep.01 Twice 'Cry For Me' 2020 MAMA, Shooting Behind.
  5. jon_oppar

    Appreciation Eyes Wide Open Album Song Rating/Ranking

    (I didnt know which category to put it under, lemme know if it needs to be changed) Eyes Wide Open Introduction; Eyes Wide Open is the second Korean-language studio album by South Korean girl group Twice. It was released on October 26, 2020, by JYP Entertainment and Republic Records. The album...
  6. OnlyCalB

    Teaser Twice - 'Cry For Me' Jihyo & Dahyun Teasers

  7. OnlyCalB

    Performance Twice - 'I Can't Stop Me' Comeback Stage @ Mnet M Countdown

    Twice @ Mnet M Countdown 20.10.29 'I Can't Stop Me' Choreography Cam 'Up No More' Individual Fancams @Once
  8. Saythename17

    Appreciation Who looks good in this dress?

    Somi or Dahyun?
  9. Ozymandias

    Discussion [Poll] Rap Battle: Who would win?

    Surprises me to see nobody yet has done this head to head battle between the two greatest rappers alive today. Eminem vs Dahyun. Choose your fighter. In the blue corner, we have the self proclaimed Rap God: In the red corner, we have the actual Rap Goddess: Choose wisely. Zabraks...
  10. NeoSquare

    Teaser More & More Concept Film - Dahyun

  11. DarlingBlue


  12. perhapz

    🚀 Rocket Punch Badge Thread ≡

    🚀 TIMETABLE 🚀 ›› Suggestion Period: 28.01 - 03.02 ‹‹ ›› Preliminary Voting Period: 03.02 - 05.02 ‹‹ ›› Voting Period: 05.02 - 07.02 ‹‹ 🚀 RULES 🚀 ›› Badges must be 77x77 ‹‹ ›› Official photos only ‹‹ ›› Covered face/side profile photos are allowed if the idol is easily identifiable ‹‹ ›› Post...
  13. maruberry

    Appreciation My little sister is a ONCE

    My little sister loves TWICE. SHe has been listening to kpop for years now tbh since I showed her some and her favourites are Twice and Blackpink. Out of the 2 she DEFINETLY prefers Twice though! Her favourite song is Dance the night away. Her favourite MV is like Ooh-ahh and her bias is...
  14. Emanresu

    Appreciation Tzuyu Teaches Dahyun Flattery

    Tzuyu Teaches Dahyun Flattery Such charming liars. :pikahappy:
  15. Emanresu

    Appreciation Dahyun Is So Pretty When She's Angry

    Dahyun Is So Pretty When She's Angry Such a pretty Tofu...
  16. Emanresu

    Appreciation Dahyun Is A Pretty Plum

    Dahyun Is A Pretty Plum Pretty Dubu in purple.
  17. Emanresu

    Appreciation Dahyun Leads Nayeon Into Dubuland

    Dahyun Leads Nayeon Into Dubuland Come with me...
  18. M

    Audio TWICE "Feel Special" (Full Instrumental) [FANMADE]

    The teasers admittedly were disappointing, but I'm really enjoying this instrumental. Then again, it is fanmade, so there's no guarantee that this is accurate (though this channel has been fairly accurate in the past).
  19. perhapz

    Group Rocket Punch 🚀🥊 Official Artist Thread

    1. General info / Recent news/releases 2. Members profile 3. Discography / MVs INFO Rocket Punch (로켓펀치) is a six-member girl group under Woollim Entertainment. Their debut was on August 7, 2019 with the mini album Pink Punch. The group is composed of six members: Takahashi Juri, Kim Yeonhee...
  20. perhapz

    Dance Practice Rocket Punch's "Bim Bam Bum" Dance Practice

    Impeccable is the perfect word for this. :pikadab: