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dalla dalla

  1. JakeyWantsCakey

    The weird issue that I have with ITZY...

    I NEVER like their songs or at least their title tracks on first listen or even the second or third, I have this weird thing where I just really don't like the song at all at first and then a couple months later I'll be scrolling through YouTube, decided to give it another try and then end up...
  2. Soleski

    Cover This Dalla Dalla dance cover 🔥

    :wat: they are so good
  3. Mayday

    Audio Everything is Dalla Dalla

  4. Soleski

    Dalla Dalla or Fancy?

    These two are probably my favorite title tracks this year :nekolove: which one do you prefer?
  5. Darkseid

    News ITZY "Dalla Dalla" 9th Win

    ITZY just won #1 on Music Bank although they've ended their promotions and already had their farewell stage :sj_weary: The power of these rookie legends :sj_weary: Stan!! :pepeheart::pepeheart:
  6. Mayday

    Everything is not what it seems

  7. AmysTeri

    MV Dalla Dalla Performance MV

    Didn't see it posted yet, so I thought I'd share.
  8. perhapz

    News Itzy third win with Dalla Dalla!

    The girls are snapping, this time it was on Inkigayo! Yay, congrats!

    Video ITZY - Dalla Dalla ( Yeji Focus ) @Show! Music Core 20190216

    I think she is absolutely beautiful and talented. SO I am sharing what I saw today on my Youtube Feed.
  10. Belgizen

    My honest thoughts on ITZY's debut

    Yep, jumping on the thread-bandwagon. It's just been a while since I made a thread here and I finally have inspiration. So as someone who was really hyped for ITZY (and more importantly Yeji's debut), it was kinda a letdown. I, as a lot of people, thought it was going to be a girl crush concept...
  11. A

    Teaser ITZY show full lyrics to DALLA DALLA

  12. A

    Teaser ITZY released a second MV teaser for "DALLA DALLA"

    Reminded me of a MAMAMOO song.