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  1. maruberry

    Discussion BTS are due a dating scandal any day now

    The closest BTS has come to a dating scandal was Jungkook being seen with a girl, which led to a major meltdown on the part of ARMY! BTS have NEVER had a dating scandal.... Why? Is Bighit throwing mass amounts of money at Dispatch and other similar sites to keep things from leaking? Are the...
  2. FaceMcShooty

    Discussion Would you ever go on a blind date?

    Would you? :pepesmug:
  3. eclipsoul

    News Mystic Story confirms 2AM Jung Jinwoon and former Nine Muses Kyungri are dating

    congratulations to them!
  4. Darth_Bitzy

    Discussion What idols act like your exes, girlfriends, boyfriends

    Here's mine EX GIRLFRIEND my only ex most closely resembles mina from twice she was shy and really liked to stay indoors like her, she also spoke in a soft voice and giggled a lot. However she was WAY DIFFERENT in text than in real life, she would have so much confidence when she texted me...
  5. FaceMcShooty

    Discussion When will dating in kpop become normalized?

    When do you predict will dating in kpop become normalized and stop being considered a scandal?
  6. maruberry

    Appreciation if you don't like idols dating, Lay is the idol for you!

    Eughhh this man really just needs to stop working and find himself a wife already!
  7. Mayday

    News JYP's stocks go down after news of Jihyo dating is released

    As news of Jihyo and Daniel was released yesterday at around 8 PM KST, JYP's stocks have since gone down. Yikes.
  8. maruberry

    Appreciation EXO Lay is dating a 20yr old male idol [Evidence]

    Please support my delusions and ship XuXing! Nine Percent's Cai Xukun and Lay obviously had something going on between them during idol Producer. The relationship between them was noticeably closer than between Lay and the other trainees. By the end of idol producer Season 1, Cai Xukun was...
  9. LuhansGreenHair

    News Seungri dating actress Yu Hye Won?

    Apparently they've been dating for a year now!