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  1. LilacNyx

    🍪 Cookie Run Thread 🍪

    Welcome to the Cookie Run Thread! Come over these thread to talk anything related to the Cookie Run games (mainly Oven Break and Kingdom)! Casual and Experienced Players are welcome to join of course
  2. Wonder_530948

    Which's the latest K-Pop group...

    you stanned, and why?
  3. Wonder_530948

    What do you like most about your favorites' songs?

    I just bought a new pair of earphones with heavy bass support I'm listening to BLACKPINK's songs and it's like I discovered whole other new songs, the bass is hard hitting, it just made me fall in deeper love with the songs, I also like the rap and the soundtracks in general, very catchy. What...
  4. Wonder_530948

    My opinion on 'Bon Bon Chocolat' as a song

    Beat: 9/10 Catchiness: 10/10 Vocals: 9/10 I heard the song today morning, and I've had it on repeat quite a lot until now, it's very catchy and fresh, it's been a long time since I liked any newly released GG songs other than 'What You Waiting For', but this song took me by a surprise, it's so...