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  1. Rachel_Gardner

    Have you had a dream that 'follows' you throughout the day

    I mean like the dream doesn't end when you wake up. I often have had these and it's scary and my colour detection changes. more vibrant and darker tones etc
  2. Ilyedward

    Sensitive Nightmares...

    Just had a dream that I was at school. I was talking to friends, but then the intercom told us there was an intruder in school. Our teacher locked herself into her office, so my friends and i decided to evacuate. But what they didn't tell us was that the intruder had planted 'mines'? around the...
  3. raymondchouku

    Recent Dreams

    Share a dream or dreams you had recently? Last night I dreamed two things: (1) There was an Exo concert for which a friend of mine [that my dream constructed because outside of the dream I do not know this person] scored some tickets. We were running late for the show and I was extremely...
  4. Rachel_Gardner

    I am Psychotic

    I am Psychotic Someone hide the knives I have broken out in hives again over anxiousness and brain disease at ease, when I am alone broken when I am together my enemies are invisible my dreams are fantastical seems less painful than before who am I kidding I do their every bidding I seek...
  5. raymondchouku

    18+ Adult Dreams

    If it wasn't already obvious, this is going to be graphic, because, well, its an 18+ thread... So children go watch Sofia the First or Spongebob or whatever children are watching.... Okay, to the point.. I have this habit of having sex dreams. Well not exactly more like quasi sex dreams. What...
  6. maruberry

    I had a dream

    I had a really weird dream tonight... Me, my mom and my little sister were going to an amusement park... We split up with me and my little sister being together going on different rides etc etc... Then we went to some kind of an acrobats show, where we were the only viewers and it it turned out...
  7. GloriousHavoc

    Have you ever dreamt of your bias?

    I haven't :pepeslippy:
  8. RainbowDevil

    Do y'all dream?

    I don't dream Like almost ever I dreamt almost every day when i was younger but idk what happened i haven't had that many dreams in the past few years I do have some when I'm feeling really emotional (for example i dreamt of my crush when i really liked my then soon to be girlfriend...
  9. maruberry

    Lucas breaking Yangyang's dreams