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  1. Exi

    Appreciation The Best New Member Introduction Ever!

    E-young's introduction to the fandom + the group was iconic! Man I wish AFTER SCHOOL did a band conceptttt :O :pandahappy:
  2. Exi

    Appreciation When E-young Became THE WHOLE BAND!!!

    While covering her own song: Sis needs to do more covers like this :pandahappy: :pandahappy: :pandahappy: :pandahappy:
  3. Exi

    Appreciation She's so Talented!

    E-young is so underrated but talented af! :pandahappy: Omg, she can play so many instruments :O Pledis should've promoted her more omgggg :shockedcover: E-young playing the flute: E-young playing the electric guitar like a champ: E-young playing the bass: E-young playing the drums...
  4. RandAlThor

    And .. that leaves Nana

    Not even big hit could save afterschool. With news of E young leaving to form her own agency.. Freaking Pledis. She was asked a question on her Instagram stories, whether or not she renewed her contract with Pledis. She replied, stating: "No! Instead of re-signing I made a one-man...