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el dorado

  1. Suzy

    While on topic of Star Wars

    Listen to this masterpiece. Its only crime is that it ends so quickly! It's been a million years since I last listened to this so I literally had to pause as soon as I heard Lay's voice. It was shocking lol. Also, on topic of lightsabers, watch this epic performance which utilises...
  2. maruberry

    Rumor EXO will perform El Dorado at EXplOration!

    There are rumors going around! Apparently the song was heard coming from the venue! The Wueen is returning to the concerts :sanapray:
  3. baekhyunUWU

    [Knets] Baekhyun slays EL-Dorado high note live on his Instagram + Other EXO songs

    Dude was messing around till that high note came in and went serious mode k netizens reaction : - Eldorado highnote is insane. He did it when he lied on his stomach - BH can do that Eldorado highnote when he lied down... - BH kept singing talking and I thought he was about to skip Eldorado...