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  1. OnlyCalB

    Performance ELRIS 'No Big Deal' @ FC Live [21.04.03]

    ELRIS 'No Big Deal' @ FC Live [21.04.03]
  2. Melting

    Appreciation They should have pushed her more as a visual

    Elris' Bella is so pretty
  3. OnlyCalB

    Cover ELRIS' Karin - 'Snow Flower' (Cover)

    ELRIS' Karin - 'Snow Flower' (Park Hyo Shin Cover)
  4. OnlyCalB

    Performance ELRIS K-pop Dance Medley Covers

    ELRIS - K-pop Dance Medley Covers These are cool :)
  5. RandAlThor

    Variety Shindong is everywhere..(dancing idol)

    This was a bunch of fun. and it is already subbed ... Yooa is too cute like seriously, she was really happy that they new secret garden.
  6. perhapz

    Cover Elris' cover of "Me Gustas Tu" (GFriend)

    I think they did a very good job tbh, choreo on point, just like GFriend always do! What do you guys think? Elris and GFriend Taglists @Keihatsu @Baechu @kuro @Walnutt @RandAlThor @Tir @OnCloudJess @sweetener @maruif @Ozymandias @Darkyoda47 @potato @Kimono @itzagrimpz @Lady_Grey @OnlyCalB...
  7. Darkseid

    [Poll] Favorite Girl Group title in 2020 (Q1).

    We're almost 1 quarter of the year in, and although this will be remembered mostly for the Covid-19 virus and all the quarantines/lockdowns across the globe, there have also been enough debuts and comebacks. It's been a weird year with groups having to perform at music shows with no fans, but in...
  8. perhapz

    Elris Badge Thread ~ ♥♠️♦️♣️

    ♠ TIMETABLE ♠ ›› Suggestion Period: 23.03 - 25.03 ‹‹ ›› Preliminary Voting Period: 26.03 - 27.03 ‹‹ ›› Voting Period: 27.03 - 28.03 ‹‹ ♦ RULES ♦ ›› Badges must be 77x77 ‹‹ ›› Official photos only ‹‹ ›› Covered face/side profile photos are allowed if the idol is easily identifiable ‹‹ ›› Post...
  9. perhapz

    Appreciation I'm in love with the girl in this thumbnail

    That's Elris' Yukyung, I'm in love Also, since you're here, check those two bops from Elris last comeback and stan them:
  10. Emanresu

    Appreciation ELRIS Goes Crazy For Just Dance

    ELRIS Goes Crazy For Just Dance The girls from ELRIS have fun playing Just Dance together. Hyeseong and Sohee together??? I can't take it. It's too much. By the way. Stream the best song of the year.
  11. Emanresu

    Appreciation Hyeseong Is The Girl We Stan

    Hyeseong Is The Girl We Stan Now that everyone is noticing Hyeseong the Great Visual! Let's meet Hyeseong the Great Singer! We Stan. @DrewB
  12. eclipsoul

    MV [MV] ELRIS(엘리스) - JACKPOT

  13. Emanresu

    Cover ELRIS Covers BTS Make It Right & It's Pretty

    ELRIS Covers BTS Make It Right & It's Pretty I think I'm becoming an ELRIS fan.
  14. Emanresu

    Appreciation Will ELRIS B-Sides Save Kpop & Girl Crush?

    Will ELRIS B-Sides Save Kpop & Girl Crush? Forgive me the superlative title. But I literally just listened to an ELRIS B-side that is my new favorite song of the year. This Is Me. ELRIS is doing this with B-Sides??? The title isn't even out yet. But they have my attention.... Yes they do...
  15. eclipsoul

    MV [MV] ELRIS(엘리스) - Intro

  16. dooh

    Comeback ELRIS To Make Comeback With 2 New Members This Month

    welp, FINALLY .. we BLRIS get another ELRIS comeback :pepecry2::pepecry2::pepecry2: these are tears of joy !!! Concept change ? Let me guess, girl crush ? not that we have already 43245235234 groups going that way ( BP, gidle, itzy, everglow, rocket punch, bvndit, cherryB, wekiM, even loona...
  17. jasque

    Appreciation Everything is good, everything is fine but...

    Give Elris a chance, the song is nice
  18. dooh

    Group ELRIS (엘리스) Official Thread

    ♕ Welcome To ELRIS Artist Thread ♕ About The Group !! under construction !! ELRIS (엘리스) is a South Korean girl group formed by Hunus Entertainment in May 2017. The group consist of 7 members: Kim Sohee, Yukyung, Bella, Hyeseong, Karin, EJ and Chaejeong. February 2020 EJ and Chaejeong...