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epik high

  1. QueenGirlCrush


    😍🥰🥳🎊!!!!!!! As I try to get into the non-idol side of the Korean music scene I NEED to put EPIK High and Zico at the top of my list. Epik High is everything and so important to the Korean music industry, whetever it be pop, hip hop. Zico has to be one of the best soloist in the last 5-7 years...
  2. LoveYooShaSha

    Teaser Epik High’s 10th studio album Epik High Is Here. Schedule - 2021.01.18 6PM KST release

    Epik High’s 10th studio album Epik High Is Here. Part 1 of the double album will be released 1/18/2021 6PM KST. See schedule above.
  3. Darkseid

    News Coachella 2020 officially cancelled.

    2020 Coachella, originally scheduled for April was initially postponed to October tentatively, but looks like it's been scrapped completely this year, understandably so. Still, I was looking forward to BigBang perform again :umjicry: Being a VIP is hard :umjicry:
  4. Panda

    Epik High Badge Thread

    Epik High Badge Thread :3 TURNS OUT EPIK HIGH HAS NO BADGES. WE NEED TO CHANGE THAT~ EDITED DEADLINES: Suggestion Period: August 13th - August 28th Preliminary Voting: August 29th - August 31st Voting Period: September 1st - September 3rd Requirements: + usage of HD pictures + + usage of...
  5. Day

    Appreciation I have never laughed so hard

    This is just a simple vlog but Tablo makes it so funny. Watch if you have the time, even just the first 5 minutes are hilarious. I hope I can see them in concert some day.