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  1. Hakunama_Tata

    Photo His face card hits differently

  2. Hakunama_Tata

    News Cha Eunwoo wins the "Global Icon Award" at the MTV VMAJ 2023

    Congrats to Eunwoo! :bigcatclap:
  3. Hakunama_Tata

    Photo Cha Eunwoo at the Dior Cruise 2024 event

    Wooow. :taeminpog: That’s all I can say.:sakUwu: @Aroha
  4. Hakunama_Tata

    Video Dior's best beauty ambassador - Cha Eunwoo

    Smart move. :pikasmart: @Aroha @badcrookshanks
  5. Hakunama_Tata

    TV Eunwoo’s wise words

    Yes, love yourself! :sanapray: @Aroha @badcrookshanks @Nina
  6. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Camping date with Eunwoo aka hello October

    Inspired by @badcrookshanks cuz this forum has not enough Eunwoo :blownyoungbae: @Nina @Aroha look at his sweet smile! :pepecry1:
  7. Hakunama_Tata

    TV New poster for “A Good Day To Be A Dog”

    @badcrookshanks @Aroha this poster is so pretty :pepecry1:
  8. Jewel

    Appreciation Ngl, I teared up

  9. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Why I love Cha Eunwoo

    Ofc, there are many reasons to love him, but 2 important ones: He always shows love for the team he works with: He always looks out for other people: @Aroha
  10. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Priest Eunu blessing ya all

    :pepecross: Confess all your sins! @Aroha @badcrookshanks @Nina @Day @Exi
  11. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Just Eunwoo…

    … showing them where the camera is. And I like it. Cuz it’s Eunwoo. That’s it. Thank you. :mgblush: @Aroha
  12. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation So, kawaii?

    These gentlemen have excellent taste. :maheart: Do you think he is kawaii? :jenniesmug: @Aroha @badcrookshanks @uran @Wingfrost @Rikai
  13. Hakunama_Tata

    Video Eunwoo the social butterfly (DIOR’s Fall 2023 show in Giza)

    With bestie Naomi Campbell: Robert Pattinson: With the star of the night, Oh Sehun, ofc :sanapray: @Xeulgi @Maze @badcrookshanks @Aroha
  14. Hakunama_Tata

    Video I love to see…

    … when Eunwoo is shy. Usually, he is the one who makes people shy and amazed, so it’s always a pleasure when he acts like a giggly fangirl. :lisalaugh: "I'm Dongmin, I'm Cha Eunwoo. I'm shy, I'm feeling shy.” Cute. :sakUwu: Here is a short video about when he meets one of his fav artists; Peder...
  15. Hakunama_Tata

    Video What’s in Cha Eunwoo’s bag | W Korea

    He is the ecobag type. @Aroha @badcrookshanks
  16. Hakunama_Tata

    Photo Eunwoo bulked up

    Eunwoo's soft visuals with slender figure? Nope. Say hi too bulky Eunwoo with muscles. :mork: Netizens commented: "I didn't think Cha Eun Woo could become better looking but I was wrong" "He looks better after bulking up" "It's so not fair that he looks that good," @Aroha...
  17. Hakunama_Tata

    Photo Netizens react to Astro Cha Eun Woo's new hair

    Astro member Cha Eunwoo got a perm for the first time in his life. He said: "I permed my hair for the first time, since I debuted." "I like my permed hair." Ofc, netizens also expressed how they feel about it: "Woah...He's just a prince." "Wow, he really is handsome in a pretty way." "He...
  18. Hakunama_Tata

    News Cha Eunwoo the cover star for 'W Korea'

    Eunwoo (the global ambassador for 'Burberry') is the cover star of "W Korea" magazine's December issue! Luxury brands 'Burberry' and 'Chaumet' collaborated to 'W Korea's 'Love Your W!' campaign to spread awareness about breast cancer. Source...