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  1. Hakunama_Tata

    News Cha Eunwoo the cover star for 'W Korea'

    Eunwoo (the global ambassador for 'Burberry') is the cover star of "W Korea" magazine's December issue! Luxury brands 'Burberry' and 'Chaumet' collaborated to 'W Korea's 'Love Your W!' campaign to spread awareness about breast cancer. Source...
  2. Saythename17

    Fanart My fanart of Cha Eunwoo

    What do y'all think of this?
  3. Darkseid

    MV Hinapia Drip MV got deleted and reuploaded after edits

    Apparently the scenes of Minkyeung (Roa from Pristin) slowly eating her buttered toast or laying in bed while a camera shot her from the top was too "suggestive" so they were cut :wimwim: Although groups have gotten away with a lot more, all those bathtub scenes in AOA's Miniskirt or the entire...
  4. bulletproof

    Photo 97 liners reunited

    :maheart: Jungkook posted a pic on BTS's twit with him, GOT7's Yugyeom, Seventeen's Mingyu and ASTRO's Eunwoo
  5. RandAlThor

    News Nayoung and Eunwoo Add their letters

    @emanresu It Looks like Nayoung wants to continue we will wait for her. Eunwoo There were some things I didn’t mention in the chat room, so I’ll write it here! I love all the members of...
  6. Bara

    Have your biases from different groups interact?

    Almost all my biases have :queen:
  7. VillageIdiot

    Your Daily Reminder to Hate Pledis

    They're keeping the Biggest Taengsic Stan in a dungeon Justice for Pristin
  8. joshuaology

    Appreciation More Astro x Svt!

    "it's obvious that you're an instagram beginner/newbie for uploading sideways" LOL
  9. taemkitten

    Photo Because @chaeunwoo is thirsty for Cha Eunwoo

    @chaeunwoo this one's all for you, babe. Can't say I never did anything nice for you!
  10. ImhereandImded

    Appreciation LOOK AT THIS KING

    I AM VERY RUDE, INDEED :pepeheart::pepeheart: