1. Glowbit

    Suggestion EVERGLOW Badge Revamp 2022

    ☾OFFICIAL EVERGLOW BADGE THREAD♡ Suggestion Period: 21 Jan. - 28 Jan. Voting Period: 29/30 Jan.-10 Feb. Results: Between 11 Feb.-14 Feb. ------------------- Rules ~Badge size must be 77x77 ~Please use rounded corners [50] ~Use official photos ~Covered faces or side profiles are allowed...
  2. OnlyCalB

    Appreciation Happy Mia Day!

    Happy B'day Mia! :pandahappy: :nekolove:
  3. Glowbit

    Appreciation This Mia is Superior( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    DUN DUN was HER era:junweary: Come appreciate this with me @yeji @OnlyCalB @RunningMan :taesip::teatea:
  4. Haiku

    Do you think she's pretty?

    Sihyeon from Everglow ?
  5. piricore

    sorry but this is comedy gold

  6. bunnyviolet

    Video [In The Studio] EVERGLOW - Pirate Performance

  7. bunnyviolet

    Current obsession: This Everglow b-side

    It just puts me in a good mood! It's super fun and light! :nekolove:
  8. hoeforjuyeon

    Appreciation I'm a pirate ;)

    Everglow never disappoints for me! I adore each of their releases and I absolutely love the EDM style they went with this time instead of the usual Trap sound they like to go with normally (take Adios or First by example). I'm honestly OBSESSED with Sihyeon's part (at 0:53), it sounds so damn...
  9. bunnyviolet

    New MV EVERGLOW 'Pirate' MV

  10. bunnyviolet

    Teaser EVERGLOW 'Pirate' choreography preview

  11. bunnyviolet

    Teaser EVERGLOW 'Pirate' lyric moving poster

  12. bunnyviolet

    Teaser Everglow 'Return of The Girl' Highlight medley

  13. bunnyviolet

    Teaser EVERGLOW 'Pirate' MV teaser

  14. OnlyCalB

    EVERGLOW Dance Covers (BoA + Kehlani)

    Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha + Yiren - BoA 'Better' E:U - Kehlani 'Keep On'