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  1. Darkseid

    Favorite fancams of 2020

    Post one of your fav fancams of the year below :susPepe: I'll start with one of my faves, and it's not even from someone performing their own song lmao: Yves radiates so much BDE here it's impossible to not be captivated :sj_weary:
  2. Ilyedward

    Performance asdfghjkl Soobin I swear-

    This isn't fair. He gets to be good at dancing and singing, and being the most adorable person I've ever seen. Adding onto that he's also tall! mm God really does have favorites.
  3. nohhj


  4. maruberry

    Appreciation My favorite fancam...

    This fancam of kai performing Don't Go takes my breath away... The choreo isn't that complicated and he could probably do it in his sleep, but he still takes care with it. He still puts effort into performing it and it loks so beautiful! It is so graceful an just stunning! What completes the...
  5. maruberry

    Does anybody want to come watch EXplOration fancams with me?

    Plz come! (PS this site is easy to sing up to, not even an email is needed) @goyo @Soleski @potato :sanapray:
  6. maruberry

    Appreciation You all have never been hurt

    Because you all have never seen Woozi fancams where he is wearing black! (Legit I am not OK after watching these all again... How TF does he looks so perfect?)
  7. maruberry

    Appreciation Mr. Destiny fancams are the only ones that matter

    Let us all be honest, when you watch a kai fancam, 9 times out of 10 it is a Mr.Destiny fancam. They are just superior! They are all just THAT good!
  8. maruberry

    Performance Excuse me Haechan, but WTF?

    Who allowed him to? Who allowed him to grow up? First that silver hair and now this? I am not fucking OK!
  9. maruberry

    Appreciation Hello! Police? I would like to report these videos!

    Kai fancams should all be banned. I am bingewatching them, why aren't they all banned already? His facial expressions are already porn, so when you add his hips into the equation, it should be banned. I am not OK. And then in the middle of a performance, he has the audacity to wave with that...
  10. QueenGirlCrush

    Performance G-IDLE AT U&CUBE FESTIVAL JAPAN 2019

    I know this is really really bad footage but I have to post about this! SOOJIN..DAMN GIRL!?
  11. GoldenBunny

    Appreciation Fire-hot performance, amazing visuals

    It's cold and wet here and I'm bored so here's Jungkook being sexy/cute/beautiful in Hong Kong yesterday How is he so pretty? Boy was wildin' all over the place :llama_BLEED: whatta dork
  12. WhiteWadeWilson

    Video PILATES will do wonders to your body!!!

    OMG she is sooooooo sexyyyyyy.... right?! @Dwragon @myungjun

    Video [ASTRO] Moonbin ~ SUNMI 24 Hour Cover

    Such an amazing fancam. I love love this.
  14. Soleski

    Video Favorite fancam

    I don't really watch fancams even if it's about my biases, mostly because I like to see the perfomance as a whole BUT there is this fancam I really really love... :pandalove: She is so sexy I love it. Share your faves!