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  1. matteoCFO

    How to stop autistic and half-Mexican male friend from being groomed by furries and bullies?

    My friend is I think about the same age as me and neurodivergent like me, he is also half-Mexican, I was working out at the gym today for my 26th day and I realized how bullied this kid or my friend was at thIs school I go to, we live in the United States, but he’s half-Mexican and visits family...
  2. QueenGirlCrush


    So essentially Shuhua’s Chinese fanbases have ceased buying the album in bulk on request of Chinese fans who do not want to buy the album due to the unfair line distribution. They say this is a repeated issue and they want Cube to give her more parts in the songs to show that Cube cares about...
  3. QueenB

    Your "bad fan" traits

    What's stuff you do or have done that others in your fandom might disapprove of? For me: I watch/listen to EXO's leaks. One reason I do so is that it's obvious at this point SM is purposely leaking stuff or just does not care. I watch/listen to all leaks lol. From EXO to Twice to Red Velvet...
  4. maruberry

    Which western kpop fandoms get along with their asian counterparts?

    It is normal that the Asian and the Western fandoms don't really get along... But there are some exeptions to this! I would like to bring out Western and Chinese NCTzens! The Chinese NCTzens literally subbed the WayV Happy camp episode for us! It was honestly so sweet and one of the most...
  5. QueenB

    Fandom names before the official

    How many groups had fans who named themselves before getting a official fandom name? I know early EXO-Ls called themselves Exotics....I try to forget these times. Especially, these reviews Before Loona's debut we were calling ourselves Loonatics..... Basically, i've stanned groups during...
  6. Belgizen

    I have a quest for all of you

    Can someone please find me what the font is used for In Somnia (Dreamcatcher's fandom)? I really have to write a bit rn It would be great if anyone could find it for me :maheart: