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  1. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Felix - vampire or Benjamin Button?

    This is some sorcerer stuff, folks. He looks like a baby, this boy is ain't real. :ChaeNo: @Stay what do you think? :dubuthink: Credits on the pictures.
  2. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Your favorite Felix hairstyle?

    Which one is your favorite? Blonde? Silver? Black? Red? Mullet? Braided? Show your fav(s)! :pandaamazed: @Stay
  3. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Felix won’t let us breathe

    Just look at him! :taesquish: @Stay are we okay?
  4. suki

    News Stray Kids Felix Sent Questionable Messages to STAY's on Bubble

    Korean YouTuber accused Stray Kids member Felix of sending raunchy messages to fans through Bubble. Keep on reading for all the details. (Photo : Stray Kids Twitter) Stray Kids Felix Allegedly Sends Inappropriate Message to STAYs Controversial South Korean YouTuber Sojang has accused Stray...
  5. Reverie

    Appreciation ☾My Top 10 Kpop Biases♥︎

    10. LeeHi 9. JinSoul 8. Sunoo 7. Aisha 6. Niki 5. Jaehyun 4. Yiren 3. Mia 2. YuQi 1. Felix (haha SURPRISE) who is in your top10?
  6. Reverie

    Bias Challenge: what I love about Felix

    My 8 reasons why: Lee Felix I love you because of: 1. Your personality 2. Your smile 3. Your dance skills 4. Your rapping 5. Your deep-ass voice ( :pepecross:) 6. Your caring nature 7. Your freckles 8. And everything other single thing about you! Please stay safe and be yourself I love you...
  7. Reverie

    Bias challenge: Felix making peace symbol ✌️

    So adorable:pepeheart::bigcatlove: His smile, his hair, his hands everything is perfect :sj_weary:
  8. Reverie

    Appreciation I THINK IM IN LOVE

    The whole album is amazing:ankha::ankha: No skips at all:sj_weary:
  9. Reverie


  10. Reverie


    I used to be an OT8 @Stay (with Felix as my bias) but now Felix has done something that has shook me so much:pandaannoyed: I’ve decided that I don’t want to Stan him any more. Just the other 7, as I just found out Felix is a stealer 🤢 Here is a detailed explanation on what Felix stole that made...
  11. Han_Chin


    < GOOD NEWS > We have a OFFICIAL AUSSIE LINE SO for starters Kpop - Is a shorter way of saying Korean Pop (#KWAVE # KHALLYU) I'm so happy seeing the AUSSIE LINE BECOME MORE OFFICIAL -SO FROM OLDER TO NEWEST AUSSIE LINERS- SO FIRST RUNNER UP KEVIN KIM - ZE:A Stage Name: Kevin Birth...
  12. Han_Chin

    News NEWS Stray Kids’ And ATEEZ’s “Kingdom” Songs Make Top 6 On Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart MUSIC Jun 9, 2021 by E. Cha Both Stray Kids’, ATEEZ’s new...
  13. Han_Chin

    News CLIO Under Fire For Excluding Stray Kids’ Hyunjin In “All Member” Photo Card Set—Deletes Post

    CLIO stated that it was “All Stray Kids Members.” 4hours ago Back in February, after a significant amount of alleged bullying in the K-Pop world, CLIO...
  14. Ilyedward

    Who is your Stray kid's Bias?

    My bias is Hyunjin. I stan a cutie.
  15. Xueyang

    Who's your bias and your biaswrecker in Straykids?

    My Bias is Felix and my biaswrecker is Bangchan! Like i guess its because even tho they speak Korean they can speak English fluently so if i was around them i don't have to carry a korean dictionary with me so that i could understand them. Does that makes sense?
  16. Xueyang

    Who's your favorite member in stray kids?

    My Favorite member honestly is Felix!!