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  1. FaceMcShooty

    Who would win in a fight...

    Who would win a fight between you and your ultimate bias? :pepelook:
  2. yminsane


    so this is an idea from someone , it is not original hahahah but i find it really fitting to post about. anyway , all of you that is interested , post an opinion about ANYTHING , literally ANYTHING , and i'll try to debate it i'm going to get a lot of hate hahahahahahahaha ill wait until all...
  3. maruberry

    Who can('t) fight in your biasgroup?

    So here is my rundown for EXO! Suho - Can fight, but doesn't really want to Chen - can't fight, but gives it his best! Xiumin - Can fight and will fight if pushed! Sehun - Acts like he can fight, but starts crying the moment he scrapes his knee Yixing - Refuses to fight Kai - Can't fight and...
  4. perhapz

    Who would win this battle!?

    Seoyeon (fromis_9) VS Yujin (IZ*ONE) Or do you have another contestant for this showdown? Bring them on! Random Taglist (if you don't want to be tagged in my random threads, just let me know . :>)