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  1. baekk

    I'll join the club...

    Buddy Meter...Don't flop:yolk::yolk:*click picture^^
  2. baekk

    Do you like kids?

    Honestly, I can't handle them, I don't hate them but my exhaustion is too overbearing. :nosejoo::yolk:
  3. baekk

    Are you good @ presenting?

    In Uni, we have to present a lot, I'm actually cool presenting but I'm super awkward. How about you?:llama_tea:
  4. baekk

    Friendships Of kpop

    I love seeing friendships between other groups. I know Hyunsik and Hani have a good friendship. When they met for Hyena on the Keyboard. I don't know if they are friends anymore but I still love their friendship:pandalove: What's your fav friendship? don't let this flop:sanapray: