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  1. Yuzuru

    Video EVERGLOW - The SHOW Premium Behind

  2. Chaeee

    EVERGLOW Badge Revamp 2022

    ☾OFFICIAL EVERGLOW BADGE THREAD♡ Suggestion Period: 21 Jan. - 28 Jan. Voting Period: 29/30 Jan.-10 Feb. Results: Between 11 Feb.-14 Feb. ------------------- Rules ~Badge size must be 77x77 ~Please use rounded corners [50] ~Use official photos ~Covered faces or side profiles are allowed...
  3. Chaeee

    Information Ranking different groups eras Pt.4

    Today I am doing Everglow (I said I’d do them yesterday but I forgot lol :haylul:) <Once again no bad eras just some are at tiny bit better> 1. La Di Da (Everything about this era was perfect👌) 2. Bon Bon Chocolat 3. First/DUN DUN (I love both of these eras and I can’t rank one above the other...
  4. maruberry

    Appreciation Aespa vocals are sent straight from the heavens

    All others watch out, Aespa's vocals are coming for your ass! 4 main vocals in one group! If you just heard their songs you would not even CONSIDER any of them actually being a rapper! God damn ALL of them could be a main vocal in MOST groups that's how amazing they are! SM did not disappoint!
  5. Darkseid

    News Aespa to release "The Performance Stage" with a variety of concepts for new single Forever

    Although this isn't an actual comeback or original song, I'm happy there will be multiple stages with diff concepts to pull in fans :sanapray: Excited to watch best girl Ningning again :sj_weary: @My
  6. maruberry

    Appreciation I'm so excited for Aespa's forever

    I CANNOT WAIT! The original song is already so good and I can't wait to hear how they remake it! Will it be a ballad with a choreo? Will they remake it into a not a ballad? Either way I can't wait to hear it already!
  7. raymondchouku

    How Old Are you

    Full disclosure: The title is shameless clickbait... but it brought you here right 😅 To the question: If you could remain the same age for the rest of your life, what age would that be? Honestly, I think psychologically I am stuck in some sort of arrested development, because I would really...