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  1. xtra

    Did someone that you know leave the forum life ? Why ?

    Yes I do. Angie, she was in akp/hc. (We weren't that close with each other but I'm glad i met her bzs without her I would not have been able to meet my friends) She told me she wanted to find a job during covid to cope with the financial loss. I think she also said that she wanted to leave...
  2. victorious

    I feel stuck with hobbies

    hey guys. I realized why I don't have any friends to hang out with because them and I don't have anything in common. all My life since middle school, no one in my dad's family and people during my time in middle and high school never told me about hobbies or didn't mention it to me. all they...
  3. victorious

    I have a question

    Do u think it’s rude when people never invite the new friend to hang out when the new friend just them for the first time? Like Korean American churches I went to, they never invited to hang out with them after I met some people there. They should’ve asked about my hobbies and common...
  4. Peachjelly

    About this weird girl I met in middle school

    So this girl I used to go to middle school with name Geraldine. Last year in late October or Early November, I was happy to hear from her and asked how she doing. Then in late November, She kept asking me for money and I told her I don't have any. I tried many excuses like "Sorry, I don't have...
  5. victorious

    I think obsession with kpop and korean men is ruining my life!!

    I talked to my friend on my other Snapchat account and I copied and pasted her messages about me and I think this Kpop obsession and obsession with Korean men is ruining my life. It's stealing my friends. She has a mental condition. I don't think it's anyone's responsibility to make...
  6. Saythename17

    Have any of your friends ever betrayed you?

    Yes, several times, back in the past times. I didn't know to choose good friends, and I thought they were good, but at last they betrayed me. After 2018, the friends I met are so good, I don't have enough to describe their love for me. I don't think I'll get fooled by fake friends again.
  7. victorious

    How do you ditch someone who don't care about you?

    its rude when people dont respond to my message or answer my calls when they're not that busy. People just contact you when they need something. Its make no sense. How do you ditch someone like you family members or friends who doesn't care about you? Source: 12 Signs Someone Isn't Really...
  8. victorious

    How close are you with your friends?

    its been a long time since 2017, They never answer my calls or respond to my text messages ever since I met them in 2014. Maybe I made a mistake for attending Harvesters then. They only message them uncomfortable or for being aggressive for not answering my calls or responding to my text and...
  9. victorious

    Do you think it's rude to ask your friend's friends and siblings about your friend?

    I asked my church friend, B's friends about her on instagram and then she got mad at me and said "don't contact me, my family and friends ever again!" after she haven't answered my calls or responded my texts in 2 years. then she told her friends to block me. like damn! I thought she was nice...
  10. victorious

    I met this wierd girl at my previous job in 2009

    like in 2009 when I was working at Marshall and then I met this customor name B. so we exchanged myspace usernames. while we were chatting on myspace, I asked her what hobbies does she like to do, she said "i like cutting myself!" then I asked "you like cutting yourself?" she said "hells yeah...
  11. victorious

    Bored of out my mind

    soo 3 three people blocked me and 1 unfriended me on fb for no reason. A, M, J and K never responded to my messages. Maybe Ill just talk to them at the Animezement next year to get them to talk to me because im getting sick and tired of people blocking, ignoring my messages and unfriending me...
  12. Ems

    Trying to Get Back Into Swing of Things and Make Friends?

    Look at him. Don't you just want to hug him? ;_; Don't call him the C-word. I'm not afraid to bring out my kitty claws if you call him by the C-word. So, hey, I'm a very infrequent user here that is wanting to get her activity back up and stuff. I mean, there's a lot going on here at KPS and...