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  1. Darkseid

    Appreciation A girl group title truly ahead of it's time.

    Alas, when it dropped, the Kpop world and fans at large weren't ready. Fast forward a few years, and this sound is everywhere- the moody aesthetic, the lyrical message, and of course the beat drop chorus. Something that's so common place and successful now found no takers back in 2016, and...
  2. Emanresu

    Appreciation Gayoon's Voice Is Sheer Heaven

    Gayoon's Voice Is Sheer Heaven This girl's voice. I'm in love. Too bad we didn't get more solo work from her.
  3. Emanresu

    Appreciation I Wish Gayoon Did More Solo Work

    I Wish Gayoon Did More Solo Work I often forget to mention her when asked who my favorite vocals are in kpop. She slips my mind a lot but god. Her voice. I'm in love. And good god she's pretty. Here's a duet with BEAST's Jun-Hyung. And here's my favorite soloist song in kpop.
  4. Emanresu

    Cover My Favorite Cover In Kpop

    My Favorite Cover In Kpop It's pretty Gayoon. She's an angel.