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  1. ChenXiao

    Made Some Wallpaper's For The New GG I Stan ^^

    feel free to use em :) This is my fav one :nekolove: i am mad with myself - i put Miyeon instead of Yuqi
  2. Reverie

    Teaser (여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'MY BAG' Track Video

  3. Reverie

    Teaser (여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) COMEBACK TRAILER : [I NEVER DIE]

    REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE:queen::queen::queen::queen: @Neverland
  4. jinjin


  5. bunnyviolet

    Video Yuqi 'Easy On Me (Adele)' cover

  6. K

    minnie n miyeon being adorable

    aaw cuties.. love minnie's hair and outfit as well, miyeon's cardigan is everything
  7. K

    soyeon in hot pink

    she is so gorgeous and I love the edge she has to her fashion n outfits !!
  8. K

    mature and edgy minnie

    this aesthetic fits her so well !! the makeup and suit- aahhhh minnie is gorgeous !!
  9. K

    lisa & minnie on christmas !

    cuties !! the friendship between them is so cute
  10. K

    cutie minnie

    :pandalove: :pandalove: I love it when christmas is coming up, because we get a bunch of cute festive outfits and posts from idols !
  11. RainbowDevil

    MV Challenge: floating people

    Soojin floating at 0:49. I have a feeling like someone else also floats but I only remember this lol
  12. Reverie

    It still doesn’t feel real…

    That Soojin is gone. I’m still not over it:pepecry1::sicacry: FXXK CUBE
  13. Reverie


    But I can’t share it on KS:nekosweat:
  14. RandAlThor

    IZone was on mcountdown today... ITNW

    re broadcast.
  15. moonlight

    Comeback JEON SOYEON 1st Mini Album [Windy] | 5/7

    Welcome to the JEON SOYEON 1st Mini Album [Windy] Comeback Thread All information and teasers for Jeon Soyeon 1st mini album, which will be released on July 5, 2021 will be posted here.
  16. LoveYooShaSha

    MV (G)I-DLE - Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - 'HWAA (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)' Official

    (G)I-DLE - Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - 'HWAA (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)' Official @Neverland
  17. RainbowDevil

    News (G)I-DLE beat TREASURE for second win with Hwaa on MCountdown

    Just watched it. The video's not out yet but yaas :sanapray:
  18. LoveYooShaSha

    Appreciation (G)I-DLE 'HWAA' - Interview, lighting fire and blooming flower|Never Stop Being A Fan EP.09

    (G)I-DLE 'HWAA' - Interview, lighting fire and blooming flower|Never Stop Being A Fan EP.09 @Neverland
  19. naturalqueen

    gidle 3.5 gen?

    it's weird for me to call them 4th gen considering they have miyeon who is supposed to debut and the same age with blackpink. but i would put them in 3.5 gen (not in 3rd gen) since they debuted on the same year with skz, it would be weird to call skz 3rd gen cuz jyp already got got7 TL;DR skz...
  20. QueenGirlCrush


    So essentially Shuhua’s Chinese fanbases have ceased buying the album in bulk on request of Chinese fans who do not want to buy the album due to the unfair line distribution. They say this is a repeated issue and they want Cube to give her more parts in the songs to show that Cube cares about...