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give chahee a solo

  1. jasque

    Making Life Decisions

    When making big plans that will have repercussions for years, take it a piece at a time. Be able to see yourself in those situations. Imagine what's going to happen. When you get there, there will always be things better than what you had imagined, and that's a good thing. There...
  2. jasque

    What content would you like to see in kpopsource user threads?

    Just an informal discussion, don't feel intimidated by it :yolk: (Just avoid going too offtopic like discussing rules and stuff)
  3. jasque

    What is your favorite kind of troll?

    Mine is definitelly the one that acts like they are confused. You get mad at them, and they go like: "Uh... I don't understand why you are so pissed off with my considerations. I just joined the site today, so I still have to get used to all these features. I hope your day gets better though...
  4. jasque

    One year - A Didactic Cinquain

    by skinny Chahee One year Surprising, dotty Quartering, ripping, dipping So funny when crunching Stuff To my enemies: I actually have a lot of advices, but go figure out yourselves hehe To my friends: Uh To @Drug : Ily To any one: Stan King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard