good girl

  1. Darkseid

    MV HyunA- Good Girl (MV)

    The MV for Good Girl from her latest album has dropped, gotta say I prefer this greatly to I’m Not Cool. @4NIA
  2. Darkseid

    Teaser HyunA- Good Girl Teaser

    Originally this was supposed to be her pre-release track before the actual comeback, when it was still scheduled for 2020. Now after I'm Not Cool, she's releasing the MV finally tomorrow (Feb 3rd). A teaser has been posted...
  3. LoveYooShaSha

    Performance Good Girl episode 8 Super Quest battles-a roundup

    Good Girl episode 8 Super Quest 1v1 teaser KARD Jiwoo vs CLC Yeeun Im fascinated by this show, such amazing performances n great interactions.