1. kuro

    Appreciation 10 reasons why @goyo is the best

    for the best mom in this world and in the universe @goyo I love you so much mom :nekolove: ------------------- 1) she birthed me what else do I need to say :wimwim: 2) her aesthetics are :sj_weary: as the queen of aesthetics, I just :sanapray: 3) her taste too :sj_weary: I am truly your...
  2. Darkseid

    Appreciation @goyo getting blocked from a PAK

    I'm sorry @goyo you still the queen :sanapray: There's really no other point to this thread, let it flop I guess :wimwim:
  3. kuro

    Appreciation how to make a @goyo

    how to make the best person ever unbiased @goyo :nekolove:
  4. Yolks

    Awards Revamp Season!

    graphic created by @Ireneisbaee Don’t like the badge of your ultimate biases or groups? KS Awards Revamp Season, the time of the year when old badges can be updated with new ones, is finally here! If you want to be an op of a badge revamp thread or create new badges, you must read everything...
  5. Yolks

    Hope you like the squish <3

    Squish will rise on April fools Day today :queen:
  6. Yolks


    Hello everyone, Awards Team are now introducing Company Badges to KpopSource! We have worked really hard all day to create the badges, so we hope that you will like them! :maheart: Obtaining them will follow the exact same post requirements and rules as regular badges^^ We will also be adding...
  7. Yolks

    Information !!!!! READ BEFORE YOU MAKE BADGES !!!!!

    PLEASE FOLLOW THESE RULES ▸Badge size should be 77x77 ▸No blurry or grainy photos; please use high quality and easy to see photos. ▸Only official photos are allowed. Selfies are accepted if they are from an official account. ▸Side profiles or covered faces are only allowed when the idol is...
  8. Yolks

    Requests Badge Approval Thread

    BADGE APPROVAL THREAD ◇────◇────◇────◇────◇────◇────◇────◇────◇────◇────◇────◇─────◇ Post your winning badges on this thread using the format: Username: Name of the OP of the thread Voting thread: Link the thread with your final results Badge Name: Name of the group or idol Winning Badge...
  9. Yolks

    Official Rules, FAQ, & Ask the Awards Team

    @Yolks Ult bias: Hwang Hyunjin Bias groups: STRAY KIDS, NCT, ONF, ONEUS, THE BOYZ, VICTON, X1, TXT, ENHYPEN, KNK, UNB @VOGUE Ult bias: Eun Jiwon, B-Bomb, IU, Siyeon Bias Groups: Red Velvet, iKON, EXID, APINK, Oh My Girl, WJSN, GFRIEND, LOONA, fromis_9, Dreamnote, Mamamoo @NASA Ult...
  10. Yolks

    Requests [READ OP] Request/replace/remove badges here!

    Welcome to the Badge Request thread! Here, you will be able able to request for (or replace/remove) new badges to display under your profile. Please check our available badge list before posting your request! Once your request has been verified by a member of Awards Team, your badge will be...