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  1. As_Good_As_Dead

    When shaving your face 'becomes' a chore

    I hate it, but it is what it is I have facial hair like a werewolf lol I am too lazy to trim it sometimes too Anyone else feel this way?
  2. As_Good_As_Dead

    coloring hair is almost done

    purple all the way @Selfmate @kimsguardian
  3. As_Good_As_Dead

    I hate my facial hair

    Even though it takes 5 min lol to shave away.
  4. LilacNyx

    Photo WJSN with Blonde Hair

    With Yeonjung recently dying her hair blonde (I have been waiting for Blonde Yeonjung for a while), now everyone from WJSN (OT10 lineup) dyed their hair blonde at some point in their group's career.
  5. As_Good_As_Dead

    What's your favourite hair colour when dyed

    I've done blonde, blonde and red and soon green. You stand out more and it's great and nice for my lack of social skill.
  6. maruberry

    Appreciation Kun is such a man

    I wasn't ready for this and I am SHOOKETH @Jimimis
  7. Baechu

    Appreciation What are some of your fav hairstyles from idols?

    female idols: male idols: yes im not a huge fan of the trendy colored male kpop hair :( I like it CLEAN and FRESH i have been trying out new hairstyles for myself and i kinda need inspo sometimes What are some of your fav hairstyles from idols?
  8. FaceMcShooty

    Woozi vs Wonwoo

    What is your preferred leg hair aesthetic? :sanapray: maruif's dp: or Wonwoo
  9. GloriousHavoc

    Is there any kpop hairstyle that...

    ... everyone seems to dislike, but you secretly like? :pepeslippy:
  10. perhapz

    Photo This hair isn't even photoshoped, and...

    it looks so cool! fromis_9 Jiwon :pandalove: - - @Walnutt
  11. maruberry

    I am tired....

    I am tired and want to sleep... It is 1:30 am... But I can't yet! My tired ass was watching an old 60s French movie with my parents until like 0:30... And then I remembered that I have school and it would be nice to have clean hair for that! SO now I have wet hair and have to wait for it to dry...
  12. Mayday

    Jennie with silver hair- a look?

    What do you guys think? Especially after that blonde wig, I think she should stick to darker colors. (give credit when re-distributing)
  13. maruberry

    Do you think NCT Dream will have new members this comeback

    NCT Dream seem to be having a comeback soon. They have new haircolors (all of them), Jaemin said that: "They don't know why we dyed our hair, right?" I assume it is a comeback. Seems logical doesn't it! But do you think they will get new members? I think they will!
  14. Mayday

    Do you prefer long or short hair?

    Of course, on yourself. I'm conflicted. I cut off about a foot of my hair yesterday, and I'm partially devastated, but also ecstatic. I know that I look much better with long hair, and more style options are available, but short hair is just the easiest to manage. It used to take me about 7...