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  1. Boyo

    Appreciation Cute Stray Catz

    I like cute everything today, so here comes Han & Felix :pikahappy: @Stay
  2. Boyo

    Appreciation Han being the supportive person he is

    :sanapray: Bless him. @Stay
  3. Jewel

    Appreciation Minsung at it again

    SOOOO obvious what they're doing LOL @Stay
  4. Jewel

    News Stray Kid's Han & Seungmin to rest due to Enteritis.

    Looked up information about Enteritis because obviously I had to google it right away. Those poor boys :sadcat: @Stay
  5. Jewel

    Appreciation Minsung, Minsunging

  6. RockyGoose

    This happened on my Pinterest newsfeed lol

    and I felt tempted to do this I guess they both look like they are sipping drinks while gossiping lol
  7. Jewel

    Appreciation Let my boys rest JYP

  8. Jewel

    Appreciation My Minsung ♥

  9. Jewel

    Appreciation My boys ♥

  10. Jewel


  11. Jewel

    Appreciation Han fistbumping Ateez, my staytiny heart!

    @Atiny @Stay
  12. Jewel

    Appreciation This Han is supreme

  13. Jewel

    Appreciation Yep, he's my bias🤦‍♀️

    Ofcourse I.N comes along and tries to make up for Lee Know's savagery. @Stay
  14. Jewel

    Appreciation Happy Valentine's Day from Hannie

  15. Jewel

    Appreciation My poor Lee Know

    Han is his comfort person. Not being able to find comfort when he's stressed or uneasy is just messed up. @Stay
  16. Jewel

    Appreciation I want him to look at me like that

    And I SWEAR Lee Know reminds me SOOO much of my bestie. Especially their facial expressions. That's probably why Lee Know is one of my bias now. I met my bestie before making him my bias. I was in a pickle trying to pick a steady bias and I got to know Lee Know a little better and then I started...
  17. Jewel

    Appreciation Han Jisung please no, I'm loyal to Lee Know!

    I mean how can I not get wrecked over him. LOOK AT HIM OMG :junweary::junweary::junweary::mgblush: @Stay
  18. Chaeee

    Appreciation I THINK IM IN LOVE

    The whole album is amazing:ankha::ankha: No skips at all:sj_weary:
  19. Han_Chin

    News CLIO Under Fire For Excluding Stray Kids’ Hyunjin In “All Member” Photo Card Set—Deletes Post

    CLIO stated that it was “All Stray Kids Members.” 4hours ago Back in February, after a significant amount of alleged bullying in the K-Pop world, CLIO...