1. Kat_in_the_box

    Appreciation I finally made 4000 posts <3 <3 <3

    About time I say too :) Took me long enough with all the distractions I have researching family and studies <3 Hopefully more posts will follow suit :) @vogue @Bookworm @Saythename17 @kodoku @DrowningFishy @raymondchouku @gayzone @Mairi @Chahee Thanks for making KS a welcoming and always...
  2. Kat_in_the_box

    Appreciation The new dosage of anti-depressants is working :)

    I no longer feel depressed and shitty like I have been for a considerable while. I feel like I am my normal, happy, cute self and I can talk to my friends here again. :) I was 150 mg of my pills and now its up to 300 and I feel great! I just want to thank everyone who was helping me during...
  3. Xeulgi

    MV Taeyeon태연 - “Happy” MV

  4. blurryface

    Solo sun is rising

    today is 18th february aka the day when sun shines most brightly aka hoseok's birthday aka birth of a dance master aka birth of hope happy birthday hoseok. i hope you can always be that happy and always smile. i hope that you will never ever leave what you love to do. keep shinning, keep...
  5. marublade

    Appreciation This makes me so happy

    I don't know what it is about this picture that makes me love it so much... BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH!
  6. marublade

    Appreciation Idols who seem genuinely happy with their life

    I feel like there aren't that many idols whose fans can confidently and without doubt say that they think their idol is happy... I am blessed to say that Woozi has for some time now seemed genuinely and absolutely happy with his life and place in life. Why wouldn't he? He can do what he loves...
  7. marublade

    Appreciation Chaeyeon getting the cheers she deserves!

    In Korean and Japan Chaeyeon is one of the least popular members.... but in america... In America there is no doubt that she is REALLY the most popular member! It is amazing to see how many and big cheers she is getting and she is honestly shining! She looks so happy all throughout the event...
  8. marublade

    Appreciation If anyone ever asks me why I love Kai so much

    I'll show them this. Look how happy he looks just dancing and performing!
  9. GloriousHavoc

    Photo Post serious vs happy photo (or gif) of your bias

    A bit of contrast: vs vs vs
  10. marublade

    Appreciation Lay being a happy little bean makes my day!

    Lay has been so happy on Go fighting this season and I am LIVING for it! It's great! I also love how those 3 are so close and it is just adorable! But with these 3 (And Xun lowkey also, even though he isn't here) being so close, I feel like the current cast has a split in them. The ultra close...
  11. marublade

    What is your favorite happy song?

    Which song always makes you happy and feel good? Which song makes you feel fuzzy and content inside? For me it is Seventeen's beautiful!
  12. kuro

    Appreciation today was a good day

    and now I"m sitting in my room, fairylights twinkling, music playing, candles flickering, tea steaming, and eyes drooping it's only 9:00 but I've had early morning and late nights last week but I feel good about tomorrow it's been a good day I'm grateful :nekolove:
  13. marublade

    Songs that always make you feel happy

    I have a whole bunch of songs like that (Mostly from Seventeen and EXO) but these 2 are the main ones! I love these because they are so happy and full of wonder and hope! They are the perfect ending songs for a concert and I am happy that SM realizes this! Don't go is so beautiful, Angel is so...