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hate to love

  1. maruberry

    This forum is getting too dry y'all! Which idols do you hate to love?

    All the posts I can see are announcements about comebacks or teasers etc! Sooooooooooo... LET US HAVE SOME FUN! Tell me idols who you hate to love! For me I hate to love Cai Xukun (a chinese idol) he is too damn perfect and I don't trust him, but he is so charming and cute and pretty and...
  2. maruberry

    Do you hate to love any idols?

    Are there any idols, who when you first got to know of them REALLY didn't want to like? But against your will ended up liking them anyways! For me there is... He is the Chinese idol Cai Xukun and fuck I hate how perfect he is for the idol job. I couldn't imagine him as ANYTHING besides an idol...