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hello venus

  1. Darkseid

    Appreciation Old bops to get you through the quarantine (Girl Groups only)

    With nothing else to do all day and having exhausted myself on current bops, it's time to revisit some old school classics. I tried not to stick to just the biggest names. Top 5 rn: 1. Serri is an absolute goddess. 2. Serri is still godly. 3. D.ana should've been it girl already fuck you...
  2. Haolat

    News Former Fantagio Employee Sentenced for Fraud in Scheme Affecting Weki Meki and Hello Venus

    A former employee of Fantagio has been sentenced in his first trial for pocketing commission fees in the process of signing endorsement deals for the agency’s artists. The Seoul Central Courts recently sentenced the former Fantagio employee “A” to 10 months in prison on charges that included...
  3. SnowWhite

    18+ +18 lyrics on a cutesy song?

    Wtf is this lol i always listened to this song but never focused much on lyrics. This is way too unique for a kpop song
  4. Abeamus

    Choose your favourite!

    Choose your favourite song out of these 5, my vote goes to A but on a different day i'd probably vote something else.