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  1. Yachii

    Appreciation Hinako: beautiful hair.............

    Another crappy Google translation. @Moguri @OnlyCalB @MK3AMisSleepy @RandAlThor @seoriverse @Bookworm @Erika_Jonsdottir @Tsukino @sassysasa @YouChanTheSheep @Jungwonie @Pirioca @sunflower
  2. Yachii

    Appreciation Hinako asks...........

    I would go if I had the resources. @Moguri @OnlyCalB @MK3AMisSleepy @RandAlThor @seoriverse @Bookworm @Erika_Jonsdottir @Tsukino @sassysasa @YouChanTheSheep @Jungwonie @Pirioca @sunflower I think she's talking about this:
  3. Yachii

    Appreciation Cute Hinako

    Her comment was just: @Moguri @OnlyCalB @MK3AMisSleepy @RandAlThor @seoriverse @Bookworm @Erika_Jonsdottir @Tsukino @sassysasa @YouChanTheSheep @Jungwonie @Pirioca
  4. Yachii

    Appreciation Hinako asking us if we are alive.........

    I guess the first word should be actually "ohayou" (good morning). It looks like a typo. Could she be referring to the recent changes on tweeter? @Moguri @OnlyCalB @MK3AMisSleepy @RandAlThor @seoriverse @Bookworm @Erika_Jonsdottir @Tsukino @sassysasa @YouChanTheSheep @Jungwonie @Pirioca
  5. Yachii

    Appreciation Hinako: Ohaho?

    "Ohaho" seems some play on Ohayo, meaning good morning. @Moguri @OnlyCalB @MK3AMisSleepy @RandAlThor @seoriverse @Bookworm @Erika_Jonsdottir @Tsukino @sassysasa
  6. Yachii

    Group PassCode Official Artist Thread

    PassCode is a Japanese alt-idol girl group formed in early 2013 as a normal cute idol group doing EDM/Bubblegum pop kind of music. The original lineup consisted of Kanzaki Reika, Sakurai Saki, Kazuki Kyoko, and Kurohara Yuri. Three of them left the group during their first year. During that time...