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  1. Starlight4370

    Movie Polish horror/slasher Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 1 and 2

    Has anyone seen this? Ultra violent and creepy. They speak english on I watch, originally not so. I binged one and two I was so keen @Selfmate @Tsukino @Yachii @kimsguardian
  2. Starlight4370

    Scream 5 on blu ray

    You can feel each individual stab made and the screams. I was so tickled pink for this film. So wow, so bloody, amaze yes
  3. Starlight4370

    Anyone else watching Junji Ito Collection

    It's so well written for mini stories. I can't stop watching, it's so fascinating. Also funko figures if anyone likes those.
  4. shreky

    opinions on horror films?

    I like scream, it, shinning, any steven king movies, chainsaw massacre, Halloween, literally all horror movies
  5. maruberry

    Appreciation My new signature is a few months early, but I'm in love

    Dunno why, but I had the urge to make a horror themed signature! I think it turned out quite well!
  6. RainbowDevil

    I am definitely creeped out now

    As a VIXX fan I expected a lot from Verivery and only with this did they, well, satisfy me tbh, I liked the song and i was gonna stop before the end... and then... it got so god damn creepy like jesus god Jellyfish now they got me excited and terrified for their next release Why is nobody...

    TV Opinions: The Haunting of Hill House ( Series )

    My bestfriend and I recently just finished " The Haunting of Hill House " The Netflix series that is based off the book ( By Shirley Jackson ) and relates to the movie " The Haunting ". I thought maybe we could share our thoughts. Light on spoilers for those who have not seen the series MY...