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  1. Soogi

    Appreciation You would expect it to be the other way around

    but no 1 like = 1 prayer for seungkwan's sanity
  2. Soogi

    Group Official SEVENTEEN BOOSEOKSOON 부석순 Thread ✧ Without hesitation, just do it!

    ✧ ABOUT BOOSEOKSOON ✧ SVT BSS is a special subunit of the boy group SEVENTEEN. They debuted on March 21, 2018 with their first single "Just Do It". ✧ MEMBERS ✧ Seungkwan (승관) [BOO]: main vocalist, lead rapper, maknae DK (도겸) [SEOK]: leader, main vocalist, lead dancer, visual Hoshi (호시) [SOON]...
  3. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Hoshi's epic Epik High moment

    I want to bring back that legendary moment when in one of the episodes of SEVENTEEN’s Going Seventeen, the group played the “scream in silence” game and Hoshi started with a high spirit, but ended up being the black sheep of the show with guessing almost everything wrongly. :haylul: He thought...
  4. quinby

    Can't believe I slept on this masterpiece

    I ignored this for 7 months. Shame on me. The camerawork? The choreography? The song? The whole vibe? Show stopping, spectacular, never the same, etc. It's so good. :pepecry1:
  5. maruberry

    Teaser Hoshi to release mixtape "spider"

    I hate Bighit so much. Why can't this be a solo album, why does this have to be a mixtape! I hate Bighit so god damn much, I despise them, I hate them.... LET THE IDOLS PROMOTE GOD DAMN SOLO! PLEASE! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!! @Carat
  6. Saythename17

    First SEVENTEEN song you listened to?

    The first SEVENTEEN song I listened to is Boomboom. What about you?
  7. maruberry

    News Seventeen caught rigging polls

    Look at those cheaters! is it a coincidence that all Woozi, Hoshi AND Seungkwan have 11 votes AND SVT currently has 12 members promoting? it's not, Hoshi confirmed it. These hoes rigged the polls by all voting for one groupmate.
  8. maruberry

    Appreciation Hoshi joined a random play dance [Carats are the most respectful fandom around]

  9. maruberry

    Hoshi is thirsty [not kidding][not 18+]

    I can just imagine the staff being desperate and trying to explain the situation in broken english! The staff fucking lost him and were searching for him! This is too god damn hilarious!
  10. GloriousHavoc

    Which gifs do you use to...

    Which gifs do you use to terrorize the innocent forum-folk? This one seems to have a special effect on @maruif and @dokyeomon for some mysterious reason:
  11. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation Hoshi please

  12. Lighterxx


    LISTEN CLOSELY LOL HE IS SCREAMING "Shinee Is BACK" :llama_blush:hoshis love for shinee is almost as deep as my love for shinee unless he wants to marry shinee members (which i suspect)
  13. Lighterxx

    *smooch smooch smooch*

    uwuwuuwuwuuw smooch smooch stay with no make up soonyoung it suits you far better T^T smoochie smooch he is so soft T^T <3 <3
  14. Lighterxx

    Appreciation beautiful, gorgeous, amazing....

  15. Lighterxx

    Photo Hoshi making bunch of stupid faces

  16. Lighterxx

    Happy Hoshi Day <3

    no its not his birthday <3 its completely random hoshi celebration!!
  17. Lighterxx

    Appreciation Hoshi with glasses

    HAS ALL THE UWUS IN THIS WORLD :llama_blush:
  18. Lighterxx

    Appreciation Hoshi is just... too adorable.

  19. Lighterxx

    hoshi showing his talents T^T