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house tyrell

  1. Darkseid

    Appreciation 40K likes!! Thank you (again)!!

    In a parallel universe, which might be hard to remember now coz timelines messing up causes our memories to be fuzzy, I already climbed the mountaintop and reached the 20K milestone, becoming only the 3rd user after @JungYoda and @lalaloveloona to do so. But I'm the first user to do it twice...
  2. kuro

    Targaryen x Tyrell

    the ultimate alliance :queen: @twinkle @Yolks come at us now! :sj_weary: @bulletproof @AnotherKpopTrash @deadstar @Jiminish @lalaloveloona @mysteric @Ozymandias @Riasama @SugaRush @Xeulgi @Yeontae
  3. Darkseid

    Replace a title track with a B side from the same album.

    Pretty simple. Pick any group and one of their albums/minis/EPs, and let me know which B-side would have made a better title track and why. Keep in mind that when you make a B side the title track, the existing title track gets relegated to B-side so choose wisely. For me, 1. Twice- Sunset...